5 Vintage Style Inspirations....


5 Vintage Style Inspirations....
5 Vintage Style Inspirations....

These photos make me wish I know how to ride a bike. Aren't the clothes just gorgeous?

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Results to something fun to look at. While I love the vintage prints and ruffles, I gotta say that the palette is the winner of this lookbook.


If I see something like this at this local vintage shop I love, I'd definitely snatch it right away. So dainty and fun!


While many boys I know are so infatuated with her face, I HEART her because she has great style. If you want to copy the way she dresses, check out this post.


Vintage Love in the Details

Super Kawaii Mama shows us some vintage goodies she has found this month. Love the shoes and purse!

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I absolutely ADORE you for featuring Zooey Deschanel, Meream. No one does vintage better than her; and what I truly love is the way she is able to add modernistic touches to her style to keep everything updated! :)

Love Love Love! Especially Zooey Deschanel and the bike pictures. So what if you can't ride a bike? You can always pose with one :p

a vintage bike was my crush of the week. they equal love xoxo m.

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