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5 Vintage Style Inspirations....

By Meream

1 Vintage Bike Fashion

These photos make me wish I know how to ride a bike. Aren't the clothes just gorgeous?

2 Vintage-Inspired Dresses + Toy-like Models

Results to something fun to look at. While I love the vintage prints and ruffles, I gotta say that the palette is the winner of this lookbook.

3 Needlepoint Purse

If I see something like this at this local vintage shop I love, I'd definitely snatch it right away. So dainty and fun!

4 Zooey Deschanel Means Vintage

While many boys I know are so infatuated with her face, I HEART her because she has great style. If you want to copy the way she dresses, check out this post.

5 Vintage Love in the Details

Super Kawaii Mama shows us some vintage goodies she has found this month. Love the shoes and purse!

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