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8 Fashion Faux Pas ...

By Alison

There are some things that prove the existence of a vast gap between fashion and style. If you commit any of the fashion faux pas below, hang your head in shame.

1 Bra Straps Showing with Strappy Vests

Bra Straps Showing with Strappy VestsI remember the days when it was shameful if your bra strap accidentally revealed itself (and no, I’m not that old). Now summer is polluted by the visual horror of straps proudly on display with spaghetti vests. For the love of all that’s holy, if you need a bra then buy a vest that covers it, and leave the thin straps to those who don’t need a boulder holder.

Photo Credit: cavale

2 Harem Pants

Harem PantsHarem pants look like you’re wearing a very full nappy. Inexplicably popular in Spain. I urge you to rise up against the spread of this monstrosity to your homeland, or civilization as we know it will be over.

Photo Credit: white meets dali in starbucks

3 Young Guys Wearing Their Jeans Halfway down Their behind

Young Guys Wearing Their Jeans Halfway down Their behindThe close male relative of harem pants, and forces me to fight the urge to "debag" them. For God’s sake, you don’t look cool and nobody wants to see your underwear, no matter how hot you are. Put it away.

Photo Credit: LouisA.Net

4 Polo Shirts

Polo ShirtsI cannot express the complete and utter distaste and contempt that strikes me whenever I see a man wearing a polo shirt. A garment that cannot make up its mind if it’s a shirt or a t-shirt. Ban them. Now.

Photo Credit: Fa.bian

5 Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator SandalsThis is the 21st century, not the first. Please, no more gladiator sandals!

Photo Credit: doll is mine

6 Shoe Boot

Shoe BootAnd while on the subject of footwear … do designers hate us so much they had to invent the shoe boot? A boot doesn’t have bits cut out of it, a shoe doesn’t cover so much. The polo shirt for feet.

Photo Credit: SammyDoll

7 Excessively Long Nails

Who are you, Freddy Krueger’s sister? Long nails does not equal pretty nails. Not practical, not attractive, and not safe for anyone who comes within your reach. Just wait until you break one, and then you’ll have to start all over again …

8 Dyed Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

Dyed Blonde Hair with Dark RootsDo you ever see the reverse? Darling, nature gave you dark hair for a reason. Three inches of dark roots – and they will appear, unless you can afford constant touch-ups or color it yourself– is horrifyingly awful. Stick with dark hair, or buy a wig.

Photo Credit: ladyyunicorn

What fashion disasters make you shudder when you see them in the street? Or are you guilty of committing any fashion horrors yourself?

Top Photo Credit: white meets dali in starbucks

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