10 Most Recent Celebrity Fashion Faux Pas ...


10 Most Recent Celebrity Fashion Faux Pas ...
10 Most Recent Celebrity Fashion Faux Pas ...

For every celebrity dressed in fabulous couture that makes you sigh wistfully, there's bound to be a celebrity that makes you go "What were they thinking!". From blinding colors, patterns and bizarre new styles, here are some recent celebrity fashion faux pas that will leave you dumbstruck!

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Nicole in a Tuxedo Dress

Long gone are the days when Nicole strutted about in gorgeous Chanel, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Balenciaga gowns. At the 45th Annual Academy Awards, she wore a black L’Wren Scott Fall 2010 mini tuxedo dress. I'm not saying it's ugly (okay, maybe a little) but it sure is disappointing. I want the old Nicole back!
Nicole in a Tuxedo Dress See all photos


Ashley Olsen Goes One Size Too Big

I generally adore the Olsen twins' casual indie style but this outfit just makes Ashley Olsen look like a homeless person. Maybe she should learn a thing or two from boyfriend Justin Bartha.
Ashley Olsen Goes One Size Too Big See all photos


Ashley Olsen Loves Salmon

I don't mean to pick on her but really? Salmon baggy pants? I'm sure it's comfortable as hell but so so ugly. Is it just me?
Ashley Olsen Loves Salmon See all photos


Tila Tequila and Her Girls

Ouch! My eyes! Not that I expect much from Tila but this outfit is ghastly even for her. From the horrid color, to the err...lack of coverage, to the makeup, this one has hideous written all over. And girl, it is not polite to touch yourself in public!
Tila Tequila and Her Girls See all photos


Kylie Minogue in Harem Pants

I have never liked harem pants and considering Kylie was just spotted wearing these sunny yellow cropped harem pants by Emilio Pucci, I think it's going to be a while before they disappear from the surface of the earth. In a strange way though, I think Kylie manages to carry them off. Anyone else and I would be laughing my polka dotted socks off!
Kylie Minogue in Harem Pants See all photos


Kate Hudson in Stripes

Looks like strange pants are all the rage in tinsel town right now. What else would explain Kate Hudson's striped pantaloons? Now I know this is one look you either hate or love and I unfortunately am not liking it! I do like the upper half of her outfit though.
Kate Hudson in Stripes See all photos


Mickey Rourke Goes Flashy

Of course this list is incomplete without one of Mickey Rourke's crazy outfits. Why Mickey? Why must you shock us so?
Mickey Rourke Goes Flashy See all photos


Julianne Hough in Basil Soda

The Basil Soda dress that Julianna Hough wore to the 2010 Academy of Country Music Awards was for starters a little too bridal for my liking. You've got to be cautious with floor length white dresses on the red carpet. Secondly, the silver armor like details on the bodice = plain ugly. And finally, what's with the terrible tan?
Julianne Hough in Basil Soda See all photos


Phoebe Price in Yellow

Look! It's a giant canary! I don't hate the dress by itself but with the garish makeup, the distracting necklace and the feathers in her hair...who's looking at the dress anymore?
Phoebe Price in Yellow See all photos


The WHOsons?

I have no idea who the Dudesons are or where they're from but as if their outfits weren't hideous enough, do we also have to be subjected to this grotesque sight? I'm going to have nightmares for days to come! In their defense, they were at the "Kick-Ass" Premiere :D
The WHOsons? See all photos

I know the best of us make mistakes but how could I pass up such an opportunity?! I hope I wasn't too rude though. Do let me know which spots were deserved and which weren't. And if you've spotted a celebrity wearing something hideous recently, please share.

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Who on Earth are the Dudesons?????

I liked julianne houghs dress and her tan i thought it was pretty! aaaaaaand the whole yellow dress thing was just creepy she looked like a zombie

The dudesons are Finland’s answer to jackass

Hmm i like Kate`s blazer and the shoess xxxxxxxx,but what happend with Tila Tequila`s hands?the colour doesn`t match with the rest of her body...arr..

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