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12 Photos Showing Dakota Fannings Fashion Metamorphosis ...

By Meream

Recent photos of Dakota Fanning looking so fierce on magazines got me thinking about how far along she has gone in terms of style. From the cutesy little girl frocks only half a decade ago to designer pieces today, Dakota Fanning is slowly becoming a teenager with a unique taste in fashion.

Table of contents:

  1. december 2006
  2. july 2008
  3. september 2008
  4. december 2008
  5. january 2009
  6. february 2009
  7. june 2009
  8. august 2009
  9. february 2010
  10. april 2010
  11. june 2010
  12. july 2010

1 December 2006

Rocking the slightly-oversized dress and leggings look. Very cute.

2 July 2008

Aww, she looks like a princess. And what a pretty color. Nothing hip or trendy about this look but still very appropriate for her age.

3 September 2008

Button-down shirt and vest? I think she may already starting to have her own style here. She wore this to promote The Secret Life of Bees. That was a nice movie.

4 December 2008

I love this glimpse into her casual street style. I admit that I wish I have a jacket similar to that cropped leather beauty she's wearing. Unfortunately, it's too hot for leather jackets where I live.

5 January 2009

Fourteen and looking this hot? Truly, this girl is genetically blessed. Some may say that this dress is too short for a 14-year old girl but I think she looked cute. She wore this to the 2009 People's Choice Awards.

6 February 2009

Some may have only noticed that Dakota is becoming a stylista after she became part of Twilight but she actually wore this cute romper before talks of her starring on the franchise started. How sexy are those shoes?

7 June 2009

Oh hey, Dakota can go edgy, too. Are you a fan of this tie-dye jeans and lace-up boots look?

8 August 2009

I actually see many teens in my city dressing up this way when going to the malls. I like her sunnies and strappy sandals.

9 February 2010

She turned 16 dressed up this way. That is one rocking bag and I am down with the tiara but the rest are a bit too edgy for me.

10 April 2010

This is similar to the previous look but I thought I'd include it because she wore this to a normal day in school. If you could afford a designer bag, why not bring it to school, right? I like the multiple bracelets.

11 June 2010

At the Marchesa for CFDA Fashion Awards in her signature short but sweet red carpet look.

12 July 2010

She wore the same boots at #10 and an oversized shirt for a comfortable plane ride. So by now, we already have Dakota's style properly dissected: short and sweet on the red carpet but hip in real life. What do you think?

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