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10 Reese Witherspoon Street Style Inspirations ...

By Meream

Whether you find her annoying or as cute as a button, you cannot deny the fact that Reese Witherspoon is quite stylish. While her style may not be that avant-garde, I still find some of her outfits wonderfully put together. I gathered here 10 looks that she rocked in 2010. Which one is your favorite?

1 Concrete Cowgirl

Concrete CowgirlThis one is utterly cute. I like the combination of the slightly oversized cardigan and layered skirt but my favorite bit would have to be the boots. Aren't they delightful?

2 Woven Woman

Woven WomanShe looks quite the summer girl here, doesn't she? Again, I am into her layered skirt. But I think the scene stealer here is the large bag. That looks like a classy version of a huge beach bag, which makes it 10 times better in my opinion.


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3 Fire Goddess

Fire GoddessShe looks eerily like Jennifer Aniston here, circa her Rachel Green days. It's probably because she looks like she's not wearing proper chest support. That little detail aside, I like the summery feel of this outfit. Nothing like a great combination of warm colors and neutrals to make you look fire goddess gorgeous.

4 Fedora Femme

Fedora FemmeThis is a look that I will most definitely copy. Minus the fedora, of course, because hats give me headaches. I am liking Reese's penchant for choosing neutral colors.

5 Booties Beautiful

Booties BeautifulReese does not usually go for that irresistible seductress look when she's out and about so this particular outfit was a surprise. She wore this to the salon, by the way.

6 Saucy in a Skirt

Saucy in a SkirtThis is another look that I cannot wait to copy soon. While some may see the sweater and skirt combo and think "baggy/strange," I think "cute." Her wedge shoes look pretty, too.

7 Ballet Flats Belle

Ballet Flats BelleThis look made me realize that I like Reese's style because she wears a lot of flat shoes. Seeing that I cannot walk in heels, I try to look for outfit inspirations from people who are not in heels every day of the week. Besides, this combination of slightly-scalloped skirt hem and red shoes look very cute.

8 Beyond Blue

Beyond BlueAnother thing that I love about Reese's style is that she sticks to monochromatic ensembles most of the time. Some may find it boring but I find it quite pleasing to look at. This look, for instance, makes me smile.

9 Double Denim Delightful

Double Denim DelightfulThey say that one should not be caught dead in a double denim outfit. Well, here is Reese showing us that you can get away with it. And have sweets while you do it.

10 Gorgeous Grays

Gorgeous GraysAn oversized long tunic doesn't have to be boring. Paired with the right belt and accessories, you will look quite ravishing. As you might have guessed, I like this look because she's wearing flat shoes. Some of you gals might find this boring but I think this is rather chic and cute.

So which of these 2010 Reese looks do you like? Do you think she deserves to be a style inspiration? I'd love to know your thoughts!

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