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5 Hollywood Moms with Great Street Style ...

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I am over 25 and in a serious relationship. I don't see having kids anytime soon, though. At this point, the only reason I'd want to have kids is to see if I can be as fashionable as the following Hollywood mommas. Would I have time to amass amazing accessories and style my hair when there are diapers and bottles to attend to? With these women as inspirations, perhaps I would. For them, even a simple walk outside is an opportunity to dress up and feel good. This is perhaps one of the secrets for mommy-hood with less stress.

1 Motherhood Becomes Her

Motherhood Becomes HerI have to admit that I found Nicole Richie too thin before she became a mother. Sure, she dressed up cool but her weight just made it a tad hard to appreciate her street style. But after giving birth to two gorgeous kids, Nicole now as a mommy has one of the most enviable styles today. Boyfriend Joel approves, of course. More here.

2 Cute and Casual

Cute and CasualI think Jessica Alba's style is the mommy version of Rachel Bilson's street sense. Jessica deals with coffee runs, Farmer's Market visits, and other errands in her alwayslaid back and cute style. What I love about her look is that it's something that young, single women can rock out, too. Of course, Honor in her arms completes the outfits.


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3 My Mum is Posh

My Mum is PoshWho says your days of wearing high heels are over when you become a mom? Who says high fashion and motherhood can't mix? Leave it to Victoria to keep the standards high for all wannabe fashionista mommies out there. While some may not like this Louboutin-clad and designer bag-toting celebrity's style, you have to admit that she does seem like a sweet mother to her little boys. And while she may slip into comfortable flip flops once or twice, she makes sure that she still looks fab.

4 What a Mom Wants

What a Mom WantsThe way Christina dresses up, it looks like she tries to hold on to her youth. Sure sometimes she tries just a little too hard but there are instances when she looks cute and stylish. The photo above is one great example. The matching colors of Max's outfit help, of course. As far as bleach blonde and red-lipped celeb moms go, Christina remains one of the most stylish.

5 Because Mommy is a Rockstar

Because Mommy is a RockstarGwen Stefani will surely win if there is a contest on today's most funky-clad mommy. Her street style is never boring. While there are times when her fashion choices make me go "Huh?," I have to say that it's refreshing to see a mommy who always has time to keep her wardrobe fun. Even her little kiddos are budding fashionistas!

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