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5 Nail Style Goodness to Polish Your Look

By Meream

1 Essie Fall 2009

Reviewed by Tavia, these colors range from neon bright to dark. I personally love the Mink Muffs and the Midnight Cami.

2 Going Grape

This is a pretty shade from Sally Hansen. If you're thinking now of what nail color to sport come spring, this is your answer.

3 Glitter like It's 1988

With Lippman's Happy Birthday. It's a bit pricey for a nail polish but it could be worth it.

4 Dita Von Teese's Red Nails

Dita tweeted that she has two favorite brands and shades for her nails. Check this post to find out.

5 Lace Nail Polish

Yes, that's right, lace. You can DIY, too. You will only need two products, lace, and small scissors (yep, no nail polish).

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