5 Nail Style Goodness to Polish Your Look


5 Nail Style Goodness to Polish Your Look
5 Nail Style Goodness to Polish Your Look

Essie Fall 2009

Reviewed by Tavia, these colors range from neon bright to dark. I personally love the Mink Muffs and the Midnight Cami.

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This is a pretty shade from Sally Hansen. If you're thinking now of what nail color to sport come spring, this is your answer.


With Lippman's Happy Birthday. It's a bit pricey for a nail polish but it could be worth it.


Dita tweeted that she has two favorite brands and shades for her nails. Check this post to find out.


Lace Nail Polish

Yes, that's right, lace. You can DIY, too. You will only need two products, lace, and small scissors (yep, no nail polish).

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OMG I LOVE the lace nail idea! I do my nails every week, you never see me w/o a fancy design and you best believe I will have lace on my nails next week (: TYTYTY

I was actually just looking at my lace fabrics and considering doing the lace nails...Haha

Hi Meream! Thanks for the link, I'm happy that you've enjoyed the collection :)

I LOVE the lace idea. But im artisticly challanged so i probably wont be able to do it! :p

My favorite topic!! I absolutely love midnight cami and Angora cardi. The colors are so beautiful!

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