7 Fashionable Beauty Trends for Winter


7 Fashionable Beauty Trends for Winter
7 Fashionable Beauty Trends for Winter

Want to know whatโ€™s doing the rounds on the fashion circuit? Read about these fashionable beauty trends to find out!

Animal prints

Go wild this fall-winter with animal prints. Yes, weโ€™re talking croc, leopard and zebra! Get creative on how you use these in your wardrobe. You can try out blouses, hats, bats, belts and even boots! Bring out the animal instinct in you to spice up your wardrobe.

Black liner

Gucci, Carolina Herrara, YSL and Narciso Rodriguez have brought khol rimmed eyes back into the โ€˜inโ€™ lineup. When opting for this look, leave the skin flawless with a little bronzer especially on the holes of your cheek. To this you can add a dash of nude pink lipstick to finish the look!
Bold Lips**

Classic deep reds and purples are huge! Every self respected haute couture designer put on the catwalk models wearing red or purple lipstick, either matt or glowing, all shades of red or purple will make your look irresistible.

Leather gloves

In bright colors! Yes, you have pink, orange and green to beat the dark of winter! You can get a nice leather bag to match and youโ€™ll be turning heads all around. Leather is comfortable to wear and pretty durable so hang on to those treasures. Be sure to get bold with the colors!

Neon eye shadow

Now hereโ€™s one for the ultra adventurous. Green, yellow, purple and blue are all hot favorites for neon shades. You can add plumping mascara and some black liner to give your eyes a beautiful look. This dramatic look will certain bring an element of color into your dreary and boring day. Choose a neon palette that is long lasting!
Thick Bang**

Retro style is back along with its cute hair-doโ€™s, no matter how you wear your hair - up or down, thick bang will accomplish that enigmatic and seductive look.


This season is not just about accessories, your nails should look perfect too (this rule is even stricter this season). The โ€œItโ€ colors are the ones of a darker palette - deep reds, glamorous purples, even black is still in. So, make those nails of yours sparkle when you take off those stylish extra long gloves of yours ;)

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Black liner are good when giving your eyes the smokey look.

What is fashionable this spring?

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