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6 Runway Fashion Trends for This Winter ...

By Olga

Runway Fashion Trend alert, Ladies!

The style gods and goddesses from Style Magazine and Vogue unveiled the latest fashion trends for the top designers' fall-winter collections!

And although, we can not afford most of those beautiful garments (yet), it's great to know what kind of styles to look for in the stores when getting ready for the fabulous winter season!

So, here they are, the T****op 6 Runway Fashion Trends for This Winter that you need to watch out for:
Style 1: The Belle Curves Style
The trend for this season emphasizes the beauty and 'belle curves' of a woman's waist.

The style is reflected on 1940's style jackets, skirts and dresses which has stylish silhouettes...
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Style 2: The Country Life Style
Have a taste of life in the country…

Yee-haw! This season, designers have gone ga-ga over fashions trends influenced by the life in the country.

From Badgley Mischka to Dolce Gabbana - the trends showcase checks, tweeds, velvet, shearling, fur and plaids...
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Style 3: The Long View Style
Designers definitely did not take a 'shortcut' this season. What's hot are mid-calf to f****loor grazing clothes.

You can even get away with not shaving your legs! Lol…
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Style 4: The Minimalist Tendency
Less is more.

This style philosophy has been around for ages - but only a few have remained faithful to the maxim.

This winter, however, even the usually extravagant designers employed simpler lines and more structured pieces.

For the fall-winter collection of 2008, choose basic black dresses, pared-down pants, tailored suits and stark, architectural tops...
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Style 5: The Superhero
"Iron Man", "Hellboy", "The Incredible Hulk" and "Hancock" are just some of the classic and slightly-odd hero movies that we have seen this summer.

The designers have decided to borrow the theme and use it for their fall-winter collection.
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Style 6: The Winter Garden
The last, but definitely not the least, in our fashion trends for the fall winter season is - what else? Winter garden! The name of the trend speaks for itself...
See all the pictures from ****The Winter Garden Style

The season will never be complete without the shades of fall and winter - from leaves to flowers to rich foliage images. The designers have gone all out and included all the lovely colors associated with the season.

Make sure you did not miss one of the 6 Runway Fashion Trends for This Winter with this little cheat list:

The Belle Curves Style
The Country Life Style
The Long View Style
The Minimalist Tendency
The Superhero
The Winter Garden

Now, knowing what's hot this winter, you are all ready to rock those slippery sidewalks, Ladies! Keep yourselves warm and be fabulous! :)

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