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4 Fab Fall Beauty Trends from the Pros

By Maria

Good news for your pretty peepers, luscious lips and glowing skin! Sephora has just unveiled their four fab trends for fall! Yes, the ultimate FFTF for all the ladies! Check out these four products that you ought to get yourself some:

1 The Power Pout

Because it’s all about deep, dark drama! The trend for the fall season is definitely dark but sexy lips. And Sephora thinks it’s the Smashbox Wicked Lovely lip gloss that’s going to be the talk of the entire fall season. For only $18, your lips are sure to inevitably entice attention…like a moth to a flame! Now if you don’t think your lips will look luscious and definitely “wicked” with this baby, I don’t know what will!

2 Pretty in Pewter

Gray eyelids are in! So check all your eyeshadow palettes and see if you have grayish metal hues because you are to work around those, girl! Good thing the Sephora team is advocating this because I totally agree with them! I think grays are flexible and always classic. This Urban Decay eyeshadow in metal is a super steal at only $16.

3 Color Pops

Now if you’re the type of girl who cannot live without color, then don’t fret. **Shockwave hues **are still sought-after this fall! Don’t be afraid to play around with light blues, greens and yellows. The Cargo Color Eyeshadow Palette in Tahiti($28) or the Stila Eye Shadow Duo in Sea Foam ($20) can help you do the trick. I love what they did with the model’s eye, by the way. Reminds me of the importance of environment. Love it!

4 Luminous Skin

Of course, no trend does not talk about skin and skin care. Glowing, beautiful, ****flawless skin is always the norm and this fall is definitely no exception. You must keep your pores tight and your skin well taken care of! Get the limited edition Shiseido White Lucent Brighten Up Eye Kit ($50 only at Sephora) and treat your skin.

See you at the beauty counters ladies!

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