Your Personal Cosmetic Palette ...


Your Personal Cosmetic Palette ...
Your Personal Cosmetic Palette ...

At this day in age, anyone and everyone can experiment with just about any kind of makeup - from the sultry smokey eye to shimmering lips. That said, there are still basic guidelines to follow according to skin tone, hair and eye color. In terms of foundation and powder, that is obviously a no-brainer - it should closely match your skin tone as much as possible - so close that it literally looks like it disappears into your skin. To test for the right shade, simply apply a streak of foundation and/or powder along your jaw line. To determine the right colors of eye and lip makeup, read further to find out...
For Fair Skin
For porcelain or ivory complexions, choose a lip color in lighter hues such as light pink, light peach, and nude.

Dark hair/fair skinned lasses can pull off a bold red lipstick with blue undertones. Try Clinique Long Last Soft Shine Lipstick in Red Red Red.
Redhead/fair skinned chicas look great in warmer lip colors with golden undertones such as corals, warm apricots, warm pinks, warm reds, and honey-nudes. Try Bobbi Brown Lip Shimmer in Rose Bud
or Lancome Color Fever Lasting Radiance Sensual Lip Color
For blush, opt for pales shades of pink or apricot.
For Medium Skin
For medium skin tones (including any hair color), any "medium" lip shade looks best such as medium pinks, light mocha, wine, orangey-reds, and medium peach. Berry shades also look amazing on medium complected women. Try Guerlain KissKiss Maxi Shine Lipstick in Pink Shine.
or Stila Lip Color in Emily, Nicole or Pixie
For blush, choose a medium apricot or rosy pink.
For Olive or Bronze Skin
For olive to bronze skin (including any hair color), choose lipsticks in golds, golds, golds! Also, any hue with a golden undertone (think bronze or copper) or deeper shades of berry, brown or red look great. Try Bare Escentuals Lipstick in Merlot
or Lip Lingerie Nude Negligee by Dianne Brill
or Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Golden Brown
For blush, stick with bronze or rosy pink.
For Brown Skin
For shades of brown complexions (including any hair color), opt for lip shades of bricks, burgundies, brown, deep red or fuchsia. For blush, try a deep berry or bronzy red. Try Stendhal Pur Luxe Lipstick in Glazed Brown or Passion Red
orSephora Brand Lip Attitude - Glamour
or Shiseido The Makeup Perfecting Lipstick in Brown Red or Fuschia Volt
When it comes to** eyeshadows**, that's when you can afford to play with colors and really experiment. But if you're quite militant about "proper" shades according to your eye color, then here's a basic guideline for you to follow:
For Brown Eyes
Brown eyed girls are the luckiest. We can pull off pretty much any shade of eyeshadow and liner from plum to gold. Try Sephora Brand Colorful Pro Eyeshadow Palette - Brown Eyes
or Urban Decay Urban Ammo Eye Palette
or Lulu Beauty Eyeshadow
So have fun, my fellow brown eyed chicas!
For Blue Eyes
Blue -eyed babes look best in shades of the brown and beige family - from taupe to mahogany. Blue eyes also pop with grays, silvers, lavenders, plums and violets. However, try to avoid green colors as they don't really enhance those baby blues.

Try Sephora Brand Colorful Duo Eyeshadow - Cream & Powder in Brown Harmony
or Dior Dior 5 -Colour Eyeshadow in Petal Shine 809
or Pop Beauty Lid Silver
For Gray Eyes
Gray eyes are best accentuated with deeper cool blues, forest greens, and charcoal shades. Plum colors are also quite flattering.

Try Dior 1-Couleur Powder Mono Eyeshadow in Metallic Blue or Silver Dust
or LORAC Eye Shadow Eye Color in Charcoal
Laura Mercier Eye - Evolution of Colour in Plum Velvet
For Hazel Eyes
Like brown eyes, hazel eyes really stand out with a plethora of colors - especially earth tones such as brown and greens. Plums also rock, my hazel-eyed honeys.

Opt for Yves Saint Laurent Ombres Vibration Duo Eye Shadow Duo in Brown Gold/Lame Green
or Too Faced Eye Shadow Single in Jealous?
or Fresh Eye Shadow Trio in Corazon Del Mar
For Green Eyes
Green-eyed gals look best in brown, lavenders, plum, golds and deep greens. Steer clear of blue shades - they don't really complement your gorgeous green eyes.

Go for NARS Single Eye Shadow in Strada or Lulu
or Clinique Pair of Shades Eye Shadow Duo in Tawny Terras
or try LORAC Glam Rocks Eye Shadow in Metallic Gold
*7 Gorgeous Ways to Wear Eye Shadow …
Just about everyone can pull off black** eyeliner** except pale, pale skin. Instead, opt for brown or charcoal liner.

Don't forget that you can mix colors together to create your own unique shade of lipstick or eyeshadow. Just have fun with it!

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Thanks for the suggestions. I always find it hard choosing the right shades of lipstick best for my skin tone. This will surely hep.

The lipstick that I wear for every day natural color to bring out my dark blonde colored hair and fair warm skin is L'Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick in Pink Tranquilo number 150 that is a warm pink color. This article has really informed me today.

Thanks for the tips.. Should apply these soon to make me feel more beautiful and glamorous..

This was sooo awesome thanks so much. It was extremely helpful to me! Thanks're the best!

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