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Fast Growing Trend HDTV Makeup Will You Join the Bandwagon? ...

By Maria

Because by the year 2009, all TV broadcasters will have to switch to HDTV (high definition TV), then by all means makeup should follow the switch too, yes? HD, after all, means that we don’t need to worry about pockmarks, shadows and wrinkles - because the HD camera (and correspondingly, the HD makeup) will cover those up in no time. Enter Kryolan, considered the oldest (and now largest) independent professional makeup company in the world. They’ve created an HD makeup line that promises an instant solution to flaws.

Kryolan’s products reportedly give its users “porcelain-perfect” skin before the camera while at the same time nurturing it by enriching it with Vitamin E, anti-aging properties and anti-harmful UV rays ingredients. The Kryolan products include micro foundation matifying liquids, smoothing liquids, silk powders and foundation creams (which by the way are available in eighteen natural colors).

**Hmm…will you guys join the bandwagon and avail of HD makeup soon? **
Because personally, any product that’s natural, has anti-aging properties, sunblock and Vitamin E always have a plus in my book. Hopefully Kryolan’s products aren’t sold at very steep prices because really, if their products are as good as their descriptions then I’m in! YOU?

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