Givenchy Matissime Powder Foundation - This Week's Must Try!

We ladies all want to have that perfect shield against the hot and sticky summer weather. We all want to look perfect, no matter how humid the day is. One thing that could help us is the ideal foundation for our skin… and we might just have found it with the much-talked about Givenchy Matissime Powder Foundation from the Givenchy Summer 2008 collection.

This product has what Givenchy calls as “new generation absorbent microspheres” known as “canalised microspheres.” These little buggers apparently know how to absorb sebum and humidity well. This results to air circulating more freely and allowing our skin to breathe better. Now that’s what we call perfect matte surface!

Hopefully this product will help us beat the undesirable yet inevitable oily skin we’re sure to have during these hot summer days. The Givenchy Matissime Powder Foundation boasts of ColorIntact pigments (these are coated in silicone and they help resist perspiration and sebum) and of a powerful astringent agent (we know how astringent can help soothe our skin and cleanse away dirt from pores). These reasons help me get all pumped up and looking forward to getting myself a treat this weekend!

These, plus the fact that Liv Tyler’s endorsing it. Hah!

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