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Rihannas Hit amp Miss Fashion Secrets Revealed

By Jessica

I’m not really an avid fan of Rihanna’s fashion sense. She does make fashion disasters like this mess of a ‘rough rocker’ outfit that she wore to the MuchMusic Awards last June. From the eew-y officer cap, the ugly ruffled top, the leather hooker boots and the Lindsay Lohan leggings -the ensemble practically screams “Notice me”!

But she does manage to wow us (sometimes) like in this August issue of InStyle magazine where she looks more like the Ri-Ri that we love.

Want to learn about her fashion secrets? Here’s a sneak peek:

”While her non-conformist sense of style sets her apart from the crowd, she tells the magazine it’s all about having fun and staying true to herself. “I love to play to both sides of my personality the girlie and the tough. That’s what makes my style different.”

I still vote that Rihanna’s sense of style needs a major overhaul -so it’s probably too early for her to be giving us her own brand of fashion advice.

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