7 Hot Picks from the New Chanel Collection!

I was so happy to browse the new Pret-a-Porter Chanel Collection for Fall-Winter 08/09!

Miss Coco Chanel's classic tweed suites are making a huge come back this fall and they look absolutely fab!

Here are my personal favorites, hope you like them too :)

Both Sarah Jessica Parker and Anna Wintour have already been spotted in this Chanel grey tweed suit. And it looks fab on them!

If you think about it, a classic Chanel suit is the best investment a girl can make - it will always be in style!

And these Chanel coats look cute too! I especially love the one with a long tail!

This one! Rrrr! :)

Talking casual, here is a pretty Chanel white wool dress:

This grey dress looks good too, and I love the hat, but I wish they put a belt on it too:

And the last but not least, a Chanel evening dress for those with long legs. Love the combination of fabrics! So chic!

Hope you enojoyed this new Chanel Fall-Winter Collection as much as I did, Ladies! And BTW, did you notice the Golden Chanel Makeup girls wore for the show?

Stay tuned for our Hot Picks for Gucci! ;)

Photo source: Chanel.com

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