20 Glamour Marchesa Dresses from NY Fashion Week ...


20 Glamour Marchesa Dresses from NY Fashion Week ...
20 Glamour Marchesa Dresses from NY Fashion Week ...

All of us here at AllWomen'sTalk are going ga-ga over the work of all the fab designers who are being featured at the **New York Fashion week **– and we're not done with our countdowns yet!

We've already had a glimpse of the works of that darling of a designer Marc Jacobs, as well as Carolina Herrera.

Now, get ready for **Marchesa's Spring-Summer '09 collectio**n – the dresses will simply blow you away!

New York Fashion describes the Marchesa look as:

Pretty evening gowns that offer extra delicacy.... Far East–inspired embroidery, draping fabrics, and a modern, feminine perspective lend the label its distinctive look.
Check out the collection for yourself and get ready to sigh with pleasure…
Let's start with this dream of a gown. Meenal Mistry of Style.com describes it as a no-holds-barred belle of the ball in a frothy lilac tulle gown with a spray of orchids crafted, unbelievably, from feathers!
Designers Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig sure did a fab job putting a twist here and adding a detail there to come up with their own take on the classic LBD.
I can definitely see myself wearing this stylish and sleek dress on a night out in town – the draped detailing is exquisite!
I just love how the detail on the bottom part of this gown swirls downwards – and the tube top design is sleek and feminine all at the same time.
This one-shouldered Marchesa gown will definitely make you feel like a Greek goddess!
This fun and flirty dress comes literally wrapped like a glamorous present – one that I wouldn’t mind having!
We've seen a lot of black pieces in Marchesa's spring-summer '09 collection and this is just one of them. It's formal enough to be worn at a red carpet event.
Short, **fun **and **sassy **– this ensemble has an obi belt which has traces of the Far East.
The tulle detailing on the shoulder and hem of yet-another-black-and-white number is uniquely inspired.
This is probably my favorite piece among the collection – I just love how the bold geometric pattern will make you look tall and shapely!
Another awe-inspiring piece from the Marchesa collection is this black and gold flowing gown.
This white Grecian gown with bold embroidery is another fairy-tale princess style that will take your breath away.
Be bold, be daring in gold – this revealing halter necked gown is not for the faint hearted.
If there's one word to describe all of the dresses in the Marchesa collection that is: dainty. Be as glamorous, chic **and **high-fashion as you can be with this delight of a dress.
You definitely won't look like a Black Widow with this exquisite one-shoulder black lace gown!
The Mandarin collar and the exquisite detailing on this black gown remind me of the dresses that Audrey Hepburn **wore in "**Breakfast at Tiffany's" – only it's given a modern touch.
If you are looking for a romantic and no-frills yet ultra-feminine gown – this is it.
You'll no doubt be the belle of the ball in this exquisitely draped white gown with black flowers as an accent. I am so loving this piece!
All that fabric will indeed make you look like a glamorous, modern day fairy princess!
**Spring **is definitely in the air, no matter how subtle. That **gold flower **detailing on the middle of this white gown from Marchesa sure is another winning piece!

There may not be a lot of dresses – but whatever ensembles are included in the Marchesa Spring-Summer '09 Collection are all a sight to behold. Each individual piece is obviously a labor of love by the team of two designers – they will just leave you in awe!
Photo credit: Style.com

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I'm both speechless & breathless.............there's simply no words to describe such marvels of creation!!!

OMG, I am SO in love with Marchesa dresses! All of them! Oh, and the evening Louboutin shoes the models are wearing are breathtaking! Thank you for the great post, girls!

All of the dresses are AMAZING, but are the models hairstyles supposed to be like that...or have they just not been styled yet? Because the dissheveled hair distracted me a bit from the beautiful dresses.


oohhh-i love the dress with the obi belt :)

Marchesa inspired

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