5 NYFW Goodness to Gobble up...

By Meream

1 the Anticipation

College Candy's early post on what one usually looks forward to during Fashion Week. I wonder if they did get to see many celebrities.

2 Meeting "Old" Friends

With bloggers being invited to the shows, meeting a familiar face is bound to happen. It must be awesome to meet a fellow blogger at such a wonderful event.

3 the Collections

This post has got some of the great pieces by Marc Jacobs, Zac Posen, Tracey Reese, and Rodarte. The Tracey Reese pink dress is lovely! More here.

4 Celeb Sightings

Wow, I have not seen Julia Stiles in a very long time. Happy to see her out and about. Doesn't she look pretty?

5 Life Lessons

Here are things Cupcakes and Cashmere discovered over at Fashion Week. Short and cute post. Plus you get to see a photo of Anna Wintour's perfect hair.

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