5 NYFW Goodness to Gobble up...


5 NYFW Goodness to Gobble up...
5 NYFW Goodness to Gobble up...

College Candy's early post on what one usually looks forward to during Fashion Week. I wonder if they did get to see many celebrities.

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With bloggers being invited to the shows, meeting a familiar face is bound to happen. It must be awesome to meet a fellow blogger at such a wonderful event.


the Collections

This post has got some of the great pieces by Marc Jacobs, Zac Posen, Tracey Reese, and Rodarte. The Tracey Reese pink dress is lovely! More here.


Wow, I have not seen Julia Stiles in a very long time. Happy to see her out and about. Doesn't she look pretty?


Here are things Cupcakes and Cashmere discovered over at Fashion Week. Short and cute post. Plus you get to see a photo of Anna Wintour's perfect hair.

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love the post title! yum! xoxo Marian.

Ohmigosh it's Julia Stiles! I haven't seen her in ages either - she will forever be gorgeous in my eyes! And I completely hear you about the hand cramping up thing...I'm lucky if I even know how to write anymore thanks to how much I type!! :)

As Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh would say.... Oh Bother! :P 1. The Anticipation -- I love Diana's large black shoulder bag! And her tunic top is cute too. And the slouchy chestnut Fryes look like so much fun :) 3. The Collections -- That grey dress and coat combination, third from the left in the Marc Jacobs collection is bomb! The first three in the Tracey Reese collection are SO sexy! And I hate that all the models have Barbie's legs! I didn't even know those could be transplanted from the dolls!! 4. Celeb Sightings -- I am such a huge Julia Stiles fan and the Moto dress she is wearing is very flattering. As for me I will keep shopping from the Roaman's catalog because none of this stuff would ever fit or look flattering/sexy on me :P Thank you for the wistful daydreams Meream :D

Marc Jacob collections are really fantastic!! I wish I own some of his dresses! And thanks for the Celebrity Sightings Meream. I loved watching the site! As I surfed on many Celebs! I loveeeee gossip! :P

GREAT!! haven't been keeping up a s muchas I'd like to! off to click on more...

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