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Choose Your Fave Designer and WIN

By Jennifer

What if you could find all of the latest fashions from all of your favorite designers, all in one place? A cute dress by Trixxi, a cardi by Rome & Juliet Couture, a sweet pair of boots by Miss Me, and a handbag and sunglasses by Kenneth Cole, all for $15 each... that's exactly what you'll find at 15dollarstore. And if you browse the site and tell us which of their featured designers your like best, and why, you could win an item of your choosing!

A quick peek at the site will tell you all of your favorite designers are there, in everything from handbags and wallets to tops and denim to shoes and boots and everything in between! All of the items are priced at $15 each, incredibly less than the same items at other shops.

For instance, this gorgeous double-breasted sweater by Romeo & Juliet Couture is only $15 at 15dollarstore, but at BlueFly, it's $65 — that's a savings of $50, enough to buy 3 other cute sweaters, or anything else you love, at 15dollarstore! Amazing!
So ladies, take a peek at the 15dollarstore, browse around a bit, and let me know which designer you like best, and what item currently tops your must-have list, and you could win it! That cute pair of flats by Chinese Laundry, or that darling dress by XOXO ... one of them could be yours just by telling me which you like best, and why! I can't wait to see what everyone picks... let's get to browsing!

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