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Fashion Dislike Alert Harem Pants Begone

By Maria

Oh my gawd! Call me whatever you want but I think harem pants are AWFUL! I don’t care if they’re the latest fad or if the world’s superstars wear them. I don’t care if Topshop is selling them. I will never be caught dead wearing a pair of these scary, appalling, terrible harem pants!

Harem pants remind me of the bygone eras where** MC Hammer** was considered a god with his “Can’t Touch This” dance moves. Who wants to go back into a forgotten past?! SERIOUSLY?! There’s a reason why it’s called past, for chrissakes!

Singer Kelis was recently spotted wearing a pair of harem pants and I can literally feel shivers along my spine just by looking at her. I can understand all the hip-hop-fashion-whatever but this?!

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