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Will You Wear High Definition Makeup?

By ave

My recent trip to the mall has been quite an interesting and curious one. Couldn’t help but notice a lot of make-up companies now engaged in manufacturing high definition make-up. Yes, this type of **pancake **make-up is back and I couldn’t help but wonder if they’re going to be a hit or a major miss this season!

With summer just around the bend, do you really think thick, opaque makeup can make that much-needed comeback? Do you think women would want to buy these movie-camera style of makeup and use them for their skin?

Will you be among those who will give this type of makeup a try? Or if you have bought a couple of high definition makeup pieces, what can you say about them? Do they make your skin feel heavy or not?


Personally, I have reservations about this. In a time wherein people want to have that “**less is more**” look and in a time wherein people want to avoid synthetic makeup (that’s why mineral makeup is making quite a splash!), cakey, movie-camera style makeup is probably not the best way to go. On the other hand, if you want a foundation that can really COVER UP as much **flaws **as possible, then high definition makeup may just be the answer.

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