Do Men Think You Are Desperate?

First, there's Desperate Housewives. Then, there's Jennifer Aniston calling it quits with John Mayer **– making her 'undateable'. Is there really such a thing as a **desperate women? Do we sometimes tend to go to the extremes because we can't keep our guys committed?

According to, here's the definition of a desperate woman:

The desperate woman is characteristically unable to keep a man committed, and she turns men off with her frantic desire for a serious commitment.

Here's their list of the top signs that the online mag has come up with that guys were warned to steer clear of:

1. She's **always **in a Relationship

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2. She's a micromanager

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3. She Has **pets **– Which She Uses as a Substitute for People?!?

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4. She's a pushover

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I think the article is stupid. Of course, it's written from a man's perspective. But how are having pets and being a 'micromanager' signs of being desperate? I know a lot of successful, single women who have three of these characteristics (except for being a pushover) – but they're not exactly desperate.

Maybe it’s just you guys who are having problems staying in a committed relationship that's why you think that there's something **wrong **if women are the ones looking for commitment?

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