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Whats Your Body Language Giving Away

By Mabelle

If you’re out on a date and flirting with someone is your primary goal – your body languagecan do all the talking for you. Leaning a bit closer than necessary, lingering glances and a fleeting touch will say all that you have to say without a need for words.

And experts do agree that when it comes to the body acting as a “truth talker”actions do speak louder than words. Here’s a look at how some of our body language translate to words, as compiled by AOL Health:

Table of contents:

  1. touching your face = lying
  2. crossing your legs = closing yourself off
  3. licking your lips = sexual signal

1 Touching Your Face = Lying

Do you ever notice how kids cover their mouths when they are caught ‘telling’? Adults take on the same action. When you touch or lightly scratch your face – it may signify lying.

2 Crossing Your Legs = Closing Yourself off

For women, crossing their legs when sitting is instinctive so that there won’t be a ‘crotch shot’ in case a paparazzi happens to snap a picture of you. What this body language signifies is that you are closing yourself off.

For men, crossed legs usually signify cockiness. One thing that you should remember, though, is to not do this during a job interview. Keeping both your feet firmly on the ground will help you think and respond more clearly.

3 Licking Your Lips = Sexual Signal

If you’re out on a date and you want to catch the eye of the guy across the table, licking your lips equates to a come-hither look. Don’t do this if you don’t want to send the wrong signal!

Check this linkout to find out how other** body language signals**** translate to words**.

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