Is It a McMistake to Bring Back the #McRib?

Wherever I go, whatever I read, and however I socially network, I've been seeing one thing today: the inevitable return of the McRib. McDonald's has made a lot of mistakes throughout its history, but the McRib stands as one of its triumphs. It has amassed a food-cult following over the years: hungry people who wait for its return with bated breath and growling stomachs. The McRib is kind of like a new Thomas Harris novel: they only come around every 5 years or so but the fans never get angry or impatient. When they finally get their fix, it is amazing enough to last them through the next long haul. The difference is that you can reread a Harris novel during the wait, but once the McRib is eaten and the McSick Stomach has passed, it's gone. It's really no surprise that it's one of the hottest trending topics right now -- but it is quite hilarious.
rationalists: “The McRib makes a comeback! Just when its fans were starting to enjoy regular and pain free bowel movements.”

zachbraff: “'The McRib': for people who have no interest in meeting their grandkids.”

DeathStarPR: “The McRib: 100% premium quality, eco friendly, free range Ewok meat-related by-products.* *May contain traces of Stormtrooper.”

possiblytully: “I just realized: We're all going to die, and therefore all our earthly actions are meaningless. But on the bright side, The #McRib is back!”

There are lots more. Some liken the McRib to all the evil in the world, others ponder the sanity of people who are excited about its return, and still others are going banana sandwich in their rush to get one.

My question: is it really this healthy to be so excited about a highly processed sandwich? And is the McRib really worth all the fanfare? How do you feel about it? I myself cannot answer these thought-provoking inquiries, but it is not because I need to drive down the street and see if McDonald's is still open. I promise.

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