How Was Your Yoga Today?


How Was Your Yoga Today?
How Was Your Yoga Today?

According to The Daily Beast, yoga has some benefits that a lot of people, myself included, never realized. You know that yoga improves your physical, mental, and emotional health, that it centers your chi, relieves your stress, and makes you lots more flexible, but how many of you know about its other benefit? The one that has the power to make you feel really, really good?
Ladies, there is now proof of … the yogasm. It's long been a myth, the idea that a woman can experience an orgasm while doing yoga, and now it's been proven. Why has it taken so long to become true facts? Because women have been keeping it secret! Some of them are afraid to be found out and fear that their yoga partners will judge them. Others are just want to keep it to themselves, because what could be better than combining the relaxation of yoga with, you know, the relaxation of that.

There are lots of theories about why it happens to some women but not others, but however way you slice it, this is yet one more way women can bring themselves pleasure without having to touch themselves.

What I want to know is … has this ever happened to you? Let's bring back the sex-conscious, self-love openness of the '60s and '70s and talk about it! Share your stories – anonymous if you like – so we can explore this phenomenon!

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