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5 Questions to Ponder...

By Meream

1 Bad Kissers: Would You Run Away?

Let's say that the guy you are dating is a bad kisser or there is simply no chemistry when you two kiss... Would you soldier on or put an end to your no-sparks status?

2 Watches : Go for Expensive?

Erika found a 30-dollar version of a Michael Kors watch. The question is whether you'd splurge on the Michael Kors timepiece or opt for a much cheaper but equally beautiful SB?

3 Gardening: How Can You Make Your Husband Help?

Guys seem to have this power to avoid chores around the house, don't they? If you happen to need his help in the garden, here are tips that you will find useful.

4 Relationship Status: Are You Simply a Booty Call?

I agree with this post on College Candy. Ask him what your status is! There is no point guessing what's inside his head because that can lead to headaches. And paranoia.

5 Psychic Readings: What Would You Ask?

Would you go for the classic "Who will I marry?" or something like that? Psychics can possibly help you with more aspects of your life. Check out the link to know what you can ask them.

Found interesting posts lately that made you think or gave you answers to some questions that have been bugging your mind? Share them with us! Also, what are your answers to the questions above?

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