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5 Step Calorie Counter - How Many Calories do You Need a Day?

By Kati

Have you ever wondered how much you really need to eat? Help is at hand, with this brand new calorie counter! Simply follow the five steps, and you’ll know exactly how many calories you need!
Step 1
Log on to the calorie counter!
Step 2
Enter your gender. This is important, as men burn more calories naturally, so make sure you choose right!
Step 3
Enter your weight in kilos. 1 kilo is approximately 2.2 pounds, but for an exact translation, use google calculations.
Step 4
Choose how active you are.
Sedentary – Nearly no exercise at all.
Somewhat active – Some walking every day.
Moderately active – Exercise at least once a week, do some walking every day.
Very active – Work out several times a week, walk lots every day, or very active job.

If you aren’t sure which one to pick, click the link for the “lifestyle activity calculator”.
Step 5
Click ‘Calculate’! It’s a simple as that. The amount of calories you need every day appears in the box, and you can edit your diet to fit this. Remember that if you are trying to lose weight, you should eat as close to the recommended amount of calories as possible, and do regular exercise.

Remember that this calculator is for adults only, and men and women of the same weight and activity level will still need different calories.

If you are cooking for more than just yourself, try to vary portion sizes to match recommended calories, so that nobody eats too much or too little.

Do you know another way to work out your daily calorie needs? Please share it with me!

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