10 Reasons Why Some Women Really Cant Lose Weight ...


10 Reasons Why Some Women Really Cant Lose Weight ...
10 Reasons Why Some Women Really Cant Lose Weight ...

Over half of all Americans are overweight, and most of us know it. We can tell when we need to shed a few pounds, or maybe just start watching what we eat again and lose those extra pounds after the holidays. But some of us mean well, but really can’t lose weight. Why? Well, here are things my friends and I have struggled with in the past…

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They Set Unrealistic Expectations

There are so many drugs or diets on the market that promise you’ll lose inches, pounds, dress sizes, all in just days. That’s just not possible. To succeed in weight loss, you need to have realistic expectations.


They’re Not Ready

If you’re not ready to lose weight, and dedicate a lot of time and effort into it, you won’t lose weight.


Their Friends and Families Sabotage Them

In order to stick to a diet or exercise plan, you will need the support of your friends and family. They can make it a lot easier (by encouraging you, or dieting with you) or downright impossible (by discouraging, bad-mouthing, or tempting you with pizza!).


They Consume More than They Use

Most of the time, it’s simple mathematics: to shed pounds, you need to consume FEWER calories than you SPEND. Visit mypyramid.gov to calculate how many calories you ought to be eating, and plan diet (along with eating the right thing, you also need to not eat the wrong things) and exercise around that figure.


They’re Doing It for Someone else

If you’re losing weight just to please someone else, you’re setting yourself up to fail. It’s impossible to conform to someone else’s idea of perfection. Love the body you have, and if you don’t love it, make changes to it for YOURSELF.


They Plateau, then Give up

Most people, especially men, tend to lose weight quickly at first, but then taper off, or plateau, for a few weeks or months. That usually occurs when the dieter’s metabolism evens out. Be patient, and stick to your diet and exercise plan! The weight loss will be slower, but it will still happen.


They Have a Medical Issue

Some women really can’t lose weight because they have a medical condition, sometimes related to their thyroid. Ask your family doctor their opinion, and they can perform a simple set of tests to see.


They Look at the Scale Too Much

If you are trying to lose weight, the scale can become either your best friend or your worst enemy. Do not, absolutely do NOT, weight yourself every day! Instead, weight yourself once a week, or even just once every two weeks.


They Can’t Afford It

Eating healthful foods and joining a gym can sometimes be pricey, especially if you live in the inner city. But there are always ways around a cash problem! Invest in a good pair of running shoes, then walk, job, or run instead of going to a gym. You can even do exercises at home without any weight or gym equipment.


They’re Using the Wrong Bait

I admit it: for years after my last daughter was born, I had a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans I kept in my closest to encourage me to lose weight. I have a friend that keeps a photo of herself when she was overweight on her fridge, so every time she opens it, she sees her old self. But sometimes this “bait” can just be discouraging, or make you feel guilty, and that’s not helpful. Instead, keep a positive goal in mind like, “I’d like to be able to take the stairs to my office instead of the elevator without losing my breath.”

Dieting isn’t easy, but without these sabotage methods holding you back, you really can lose weight! Is there anything in the past that’s been a weight-loss roadblock for you? Different things work for different people. Some women find support in a weight-loss buddy, some women blog while others like to maintain food journals - find out what works for you. Is there a reason you’ve found that you really just can’t lose weight? Please let me know… maybe I can help!

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I've had issues with my body my whole life. I've tried dieting & exercise(worked, gained it back), Hydroxicut (worked, gained it back), crazy diets like drinking a small cup of vinegar and eating one saltine cracker for breakfast and drinking water all day(worked, made me SICK!!!). I've literally starved myself for weeks at a time. Now, I've become a vegetarian and literally hike up a mountain 3 times a week. I haven't lost a LOT of weight, but I have lost some. I'm 5'3" and in June of 2009, I weighed 265lbs. I now weigh 216lbs. I've gained a lot of muscle, but I'm still... jiggly. I always have been. I'd like to be slimmer. More slender and firmer. What foods/exercises would most maximize my chances of toning up? Thanks for help. I really like this website. :)

If you want to loose weight you first have to decide that you really want it. In my opinion family doesn't have to support you, in fact they can only make it worse (my mom used to hide food from me, making me feel I'm not up to challenge). The golden rule of dieting is that you need to spend more calories than you eat. Start chewing your food, don't just swallow. many people don't even realise that they swallow half chewed food. Chew 30 times, and count...why you ask? First if you don't chew your food and eat too fast the receptor in brain that tell you that you're full get information on how full you really are too late, which means that you eat more that you can handle. Second, by counting you get bored with it and you loose your apetite. Also use smaller plates, so that it looks like you will eat a lot. Now something many people don't understand. During winter time, our metabolism slows down, because there are not enough light in our lives because days are shorter. When metabolism is slower your calorie intake needs are smaller. So you should eat less. Don't give up on cakes during holidays...you are allowed to eat them, but not tons of it. Also ladies when you have perion you can gain up to 3 pounds, that's normal, so don't let that bring you down. Drink plenty of water. It rinses off toxins, so that your whole digestion tract will work better. Don't eat at least 2 hours before sleep. And have 3-4 meals a day, WITHOUT snacks....And take notes what hae you been eating, and sum up calories.... I don't agree with the fact that you should weight yourself once a week. You should weight yourself every day, because if you see progress on your scale, no matter how small it is, it make you happy.....the other thing is that by weighting yourself every day you have a control over your weight, that means that if you ate too much the day before, it will show on the scale, and it will point out that this day you have to be more careful of what you eat... And ladies don't try to loose 3 pounds in a week..it's not healthy, because every diet representes stress to your organism...a pound a week is enough, and you won't suffer from jojo effects...also keep in mind that on that journey your wight loss might stop for a while, that is because your body is ajusting to situation...it needs time....when it's ajusted you will start to loose weight again...many women give up in that period... So ladies those are my golden rules and I'm glad I shared it with you. I went from 145 pounds to 120 pounds in a year...

i m 15years old and i weigh 75kgs .nowadays i m getting curious about my figure as its too huge just seeking for someones help ..!!!!i have got a treadmill at my home and i walk three km every day with proper intake of food ...i have just started my dieting from few days ..even before i use to have the same pattern but it didn't help me at all..!!and now m planning to join gym i feel like this will only bring some change in me ...................plzz can u advice me what 2 do!!!!waiting for ur replyy...desparate and broken hearted

This was useful Thank You!

Jennifer this is really a helpful post. My father always sabotages me....bringing cookies at home all the time :). Sometimes I can go with number 5 also :)

Like, most of these fit me... Thank you so much! =]

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