10 Things You Should do Instead of Dieting ...

By Kati

10 Things You Should do Instead of Dieting ...

Dieting is boring. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve avoided going out with friends just so that I’m not tempted to sabotage my diet, and after a few days, I always feel miserable and moody anyway. So, I’ve ditched diets. That’s it, I won’t do them anymore. I’ll try to eat healthily, and only eat things that I enjoy, and will savour. Instead, I’m going to be doing these 10 things to try and stay in shape…

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Beware the ‘Friend’

Beware the ‘Friend’ Photo Credit: anhsphoto

Whether it’s malicious or accidental, everyone has those friends who order too much food, insist on sharing the most calorie stuffed desert and won’t let you order the healthy option…and they aren’t good for your waistline. Your options? Either toughen up, and completely resist the urge to change your menu choice or steal her food, or simply avoid eating with them.


Don’t Multitask

Don’t Multitask Photo Credit: ASurroca

Schedule time to eat into your diary, and don’t multitask. If you are reading the paper or watching TV as you eat, its far too easy to mindlessly eat long after you are full. If you give food your full attention, you’ll realize when you aren’t hungry anymore, and won’t consume unnecessary calories. You’ll also enjoy your food much more!


Power Panties!

Power Panties! Photo Credit: helgasms!

Keep your underwear draw stuffed full of your favourite type of pants, and wear them everyday! If you are keeping the underwear that makes you feel good for special occasions, you are seriously missing out. Wearing the right underwear will make you feel gorgeous, and you’ll walk gorgeous. Which makes people notice how gorgeous you are. Get my drift?


Sort Your Style

Sort Your Style Photo Credit: Tight Jim

I love trainers. My trainers, some comfy jeans and a vest top and I’m happy, and I believe, I look good. Find your signature style by combining what you love with what looks good, and believe that you look good. You’ll soon be feeling much more confident, and confident people don’t turn to food for comfort, which is a huge problem for most women!


Control Your Portion

Control Your Portion Photo Credit: Pierre Beteille (Monkeyman)

It’s easy to overeat, so instead of drastically changing your diet, simply check you aren’t giving yourself too much food. You can buy plates with ‘portion guidelines’ printed on them, or use utensils such as pasta measurers, which show you how much pasta each person needs.

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Wear Black

Wear Black Photo Credit: OoHysteriaoO

Spend some time hunting down a perfect black outfit, and wear it on fat days. Then, forget about feeling fat. If you think about it, you are likely to overeat, through emotion. So, make yourself look good, and put it to the back of your mind. Focus on housework, or work, or go out with friends. Just distract yourself from your weight, and food!


Go Fresh

Go Fresh Photo Credit: donsutherland1

Try to have at least some fresh produce in your diet. I dislike most fruits, and my boyfriend dislikes vegetables, so I find my diet lacks in vitamins and minerals. The solution? I’ve started buying locally produced fruit juice. It doesn’t last as long as shop bought, as it doesn’t contain all the preservatives, but it tastes great and its good for me. I love it!


Think Ingredients

Think Ingredients Photo Credit: RoOoNa

I recently ate out with a friend, and ordered a burger and chips. She was much better, sticking to her diet and ordering a salad, with no chips. So she was very surprised when I pointed out that the salad probably had more calories, and even more surprised when she found out I was right. While the vegetables themselves were healthy, the preservatives, creamy sauce, croutons and other added extras weren’t, and soon amounted to more calories than my entire meal. And let’s face it, my burger and chips was MUCH nicer.


Magic Foods

Magic Foods Photo Credit: Lost Star

Try adding some magic foods to your shopping list, and trying to add them into your homemade meals. Foods such as olive oil, grapefruit, avocado, apples, blueberries and almonds are all great for your body, and they help you to feel full and satisfied, too.


Don’t Be Too Harsh

Don’t Be Too Harsh Photo Credit: yusheng

Remember that this is not a diet, so if you really want a big bowl of ice cream, or a packet of sweeties, or a huge pizza, you can. Just try to even off your efforts afterwards…run with the dog, dance around the house or hoover.

Dieting is boring, so I’ve decided to adopt healthiness as a way of life, and find out how it works for me. So far, its doing great! I’ve maintained a healthy weight, and I’m looking much slimmer. I’m much happier, too. Give it a try! Have you got a trick we could add to our list? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: ParsecTraveller

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I could not agree with you more!! When I diet, I am miserable. I've done a few of these things, and I'm much happier, and am actually even losing weight. Great post!

My option is- Dancing.