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By Melanie

Liposuction is known for being a pretty safe procedure. However, there are many reasons as to why an individual could be looking for alternative methods to liposuction. Many are not comfortable with the idea of surgery and there are certain medications you could be on that could prevent you from being able to have liposuction. Below, I am going to give you 9 alternative methods to liposuction…

9 Creams

There are a wide variety of creams on the market that say they can melt the fat beneath your skin. They also claim that they can successfully smoothen your skin. They are meant for topical application and are best for the fat underneath the skin. However, it is mostly put to use for treating cellulite.

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8 Homotoxicological Injections

Through this method, preparations will be done in order to trigger your body’s own natural mechanisms of removing fat. It will get rid of the fat through the lymphatic system.

7 Three Medicine Cocktail

As you may have already guessed by the name, there will be a total of three medicines injected into the system at three different stages. The first stage will be breaking the fat tissues, the second stage will help the body discard the cholesterol and the third stage will flush it out of your body through the urinary system.

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6 Lipodissolve

This is the latest techniques in non-surgical liposuction category. It involves injecting different medications and enzymes right into the fat, which will cause it to dissolve and expel through the urine.

5 The Exercise Ball

There are so many different exercises you could do by using the exercise ball that will help you lose weight.

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4 Jump Rope

I know this may sound a bit childish, but doing jump ropes will be sure to shed those pounds.

3 Treadmill

When you take a run on the treadmill every day, you will be sure to lose weight.

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2 Eat Healthy

When we say eat healthy, we mean add some fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet each day.

1 Vitamins

Taking your proper amount of vitamins will help you lose weight.

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Basically, when you combine creams, exercise, vitamins, fruits and vegetables all in one, you have an alternative to liposuction. Can you think of any other alternatives to liposuction that would work? If so, please share them with everyone who reads these blogs.

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