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7 Ways Dieting Can Be Fun ...

By Jennifer

Dieting doesn’t have to be a drag… in fact, there are lots of ways dieting can be fun! While those in the midst of a nasty plateau may disagree, think back to these tidbits and even you’ll agree. I mean, really, dieting doesn’t have to be all sacrifice, no sunshine! Here are some thoughts…

1 New Clothes!

At the top of the list of ways dieting can be fun, for any fashionistas, is that fact that weight loss means new clothes! If you can afford it, think of how much fun it will be to shop for new clothes, and how nice it will be to show off your new curves! If you can’t afford to shop for new clothes, host a swap with friends or check out the thrift stores… also fun!

2 More Energy!

You used to barely be able to drag yourself home from work and onto the couch in front of the TV, but now you’re a bundle of energy! You weed the garden, cook a light meal, and still have time for a quick mini-pedi before bed… losing weight or just switching to a healthier diet means more energy!


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3 Tasty Foods!

Let’s face it: once you start dieting, eating more nutritious foods, fast food doesn’t taste very good. Compared to fresh fruits and veggies, not much does! Dieting can be fun because it can expose you to a number of tasty foods you haven’t tried before… your palate will adapt surprisingly quickly, making skipping the Big Mac a near-necessity, in favor of other, much tastier foods!

4 Workout Buddy!

I love dieting because that means I can spend more QT with my workout buddy, who happens to be one of my best friends. I rarely get to see her outside of the gym, so dieting is fun for me because I get to spend time with her again, almost every day!

5 New Adoring Fans!

You’ll notice a slew of new fans not long after you start dieting, and what could be more fun than a fan club? The compliments, the appreciative stares, the whistles… the dates! Best of all perhaps are the envious looks from your worst/best frenemy… shallow, I know, but it’s so much fun!

6 Better in Bed?

More confidence in your new body may equate to more confidence in bed, which is a big, big turn on for your guy… which may be a big, big turn on for you! You’re sexy and confident and what could be better than that?

7 Two Words: Bikini!

Okay, I know, that’s one word. But the joy of choosing a flattering two piece swimsuit after hiding your body in a one-piece (with a skirt) deserves two words, in my view. Is there any other ay dieting is more fun than this? I think not.

So see? There are lots of ways dieting can be fun, and these are just a few of them! If you’re on a weight loss journey, what’s been fun about it for you? Or have you done something in particular to make it fun? Do tell! We dieters need some encouragement!

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