10 Ways to Beat Cellulite ...

Cellulite is horrible stuff...my sister suffers with it badly, and Iโ€™ve seen it completely destroy her confidence more than once. Her doctors advice has always been fairly useless, consisting of regular exercise, eating well and avoiding alcohol. They used to be the only ways to fight, but these days, thereโ€™s a range of other ways too, differing in effect. Want to try them? Here they are!

1. Tonewalker Sandals

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The variety doesnโ€™t matter, although Iโ€™ve heard great things about the Tonewalkers and Fitflops. Any shoes that utilise resistance technology will work your muscles harder as you walk, and help to tone you up, and boost your circulation system, which will in turn help it to disperse the fat build up that causes cellulite.

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