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Cellulite is horrible stuff...my sister suffers with it badly, and I’ve seen it completely destroy her confidence more than once. Her doctors advice has always been fairly useless, consisting of regular exercise, eating well and avoiding alcohol. They used to be the only ways to fight, but these days, there’s a range of other ways too, differing in effect. Want to try them? Here they are!

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Tonewalker Sandals

Tonewalker Sandals Photo Credit: Yes Becky

The variety doesn’t matter, although I’ve heard great things about the Tonewalkers and Fitflops. Any shoes that utilise resistance technology will work your muscles harder as you walk, and help to tone you up, and boost your circulation system, which will in turn help it to disperse the fat build up that causes cellulite.



Skipping Photo Credit: phitar

Skipping is a great exercise. You don’t need much space to do it in, and you only have to do short bursts to see results. Aim for two or three minutes a day, and you’ll shape your thighs, calves and bottom, and boost your circulation. I love skipping, so this suits me!


Slendesse Leggings

Slendesse Leggings Photo Credit: Boredofthehighstreet

These leggings are amazing, and really helped my sister. Not only do they give you a slimmer silhouette, but they also contain shea butter and caffeine, which are activated by your body heat, and stimulates both your circulation and your metabolism. Wear them for a few days, and you’ll have smoother, firmer skin. Amazing!


Green Tea

Green Tea Photo Credit: mat.teo

Green tea, or green tea extract, contains an ingredient called theobromine, which penetrates the skin and helps to remove stored fat. This prevents the formation of cellulite, and disperses existing cellulite. If you drink a lot of tea, then switching to green could boost your body, or try taking the tablets, which is supposed to be 20 times more effective.


Drink Water

Drink Water Photo Credit: 7oO7oO

Water is a great tool in the fight against cellulite. Drinking two litres a day will ensure your body flushes any toxins from its system, boost its circulation and improve drainage. If you find it hard to remember how much you’ve drunk, try sticking a chart to the fridge...its super important!


Use a Cellulite Mitt

Use a Cellulite Mitt Photo Credit: kerryvaughan

Using any type of shower mitt will help to boost your circulation, but special cellulite mitts come with a soft side and a ‘nobbled’ side, which is proven to break down fat deposits. You can get them from Amazon...I have an Urban Spa mitt that I love, it gives me such soft skin!


Lip Contour Elite Shorts

Lip Contour Elite Shorts Photo Credit: gottalovetheshorts

So shorts tend to mean exercise, but these great ones do it for you! They contain micro-massagers which break down fat as you move, and make cellulite disappear! Wear them for four hours a day, for eight weeks, and you’ll soon be looking great (just remember to wash them inbetween, or you won’t be smelling great!).


Imagine slipping into your favorite skinny jeans with newfound confidence as you flaunt smoother, firmer thighs—that's the promise of Lip Contour Elite Shorts. Fueling your dream for a toned lower body, these innovative shorts blend comfort with cutting-edge technology. The micro-massagers aren't just a gimmick; they're based on scientific principles that stimulate blood flow and lymphatic drainage, aiding in the breakdown of stubborn fat cells. It's like having a personal masseuse work on your problematic areas continuously, minimizing those dimples that cellulite loves to create. Just keep in mind, consistency is key—stick with the routine, and the results will follow.


Soulmate Food

Soulmate Food Photo Credit: SoulMate Na

Some companies, such as Soulmate Food, offer a special type of diet. They’ll deliver food to you for your meals, which is specially selected to be kind to your skin, and to banish cellulite. There is usually a good selection of meals available, and you can tell them what you do and don’t like. What a great idea!


HealthAid Cellusite Tablets

HealthAid Cellusite Tablets Photo Credit: doug88888

I have a friend who swears by these. Available in most health shops, you simply take them twice a day, and they boost your circulation. They also contain ingredients which seek out and disperse fat stores, which means they’ll fight existing cellulite, too.


Functionalab Beauty Dose Body Toning

Functionalab Beauty Dose Body Toning Photo Credit: Åsta

This is a brand new treatment, which costs £32 for a 30 day supply. The cream contains vitamin C, omega 3 and 6, collagen and white flax, all of which improve the condition of skin and banish cellulite. Want to read more? Check out functionalab.co.uk.

Cellulite can really affect you if you let it get bad, but having a method of controlling it both boosts your look, and your confidence. Whether its creams, tablets or shorts, give them a try and see which ones work for you! Have you tried one of these treatments, or do you have another suggestion? Please let me know what you think!

Top Photo Credit: Darwin Bell

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