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5 Effective Strategies to Get Rid of Cellulite ...

By Amanda

One day I was looking through the pictures in the photo album of my Granma, and was highly intrigued by the look of women's bodies in that time. Women on the beaches of Florida and the Bahamas, often fashionably full-figured, DID NOT SHOW ANY SIGNS OF CELLULITE!

Cellulite is not specific to overweight people but excess weight may worsen the condition.

- Dr. Rob Oliver, Plastic Surgery 101
Trying to understand what has so dramatically changed in our environment and **diet** since those glorious times, I have studied piles of boring scientific literature and even interviewed my Granma and other happy old folks. And here are my discoveries!
4 Things That Cause Cellulite:

1 Estrogen Overload

Women's hormones are easily influenced by chemicals in food and medication, making fat cells change their structure and produce highly undesirable "orange peel" appearance:

Women's bodies organize fat in connective tissue that runs perpendicular to their skin. This creates a "pulling down" effect that creates bumps in the skin's surface or what you see as cellulite.

- Roselee Stehle

2 Consumption of Wrong Types of Fats

The metabolism of women's bodies is disrupted by consumption of trans-fats and processed vegetable oils.

3 Lack of Essential Fatty Acids in the Diet

Which are found in fish, butter from grass-fed cows and gouts, and tropical oils.

4 Use of Lotions Containing Mineral Oils

Derivations from petrochemical waste products, which block absorption of healthy nutrients by your skin.
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5 Effective Strategies to Get Rid of Cellulite:

1 Eat Only Right Fats

Never use cheap oils and any of the junk foods containing them. When cooking, use butter or unprocessed coconut oil. Put only extra-virgin olive oil or organic sour cream in your soups and salads.

When you do not eat enough fiber and cellulite is a problem, your diet may contain more of the foods that can cause cellulite. Any salty or fatty foods will go straight to your hips and thighs if you do not use fiber to prevent this from happening.

Fiber acts like a scrub brush for the body. Fiber will improve circulation and improve your skin's appearance from the inside out.
- John Degram, Cellulite Treatment

2 Include Duck and Oysters in Your Menu

Both are highly praised in traditional French cuisine for their skin-smoothing and aphrodisiac properties.

3 Stay Away from

Any foods containing unfamiliar substances in the list of ingredients:

For an anti-cellulite diet to be effective, changes must be made and toxins must be stricken from the diet. It's important to know that cellulite stems from numerous sources; the greatest of which being toxins and calories from "harmful" foods.

These toxins and calories get stored in your body's fat storage cells, which eventually leads to the accumulation of cellulite. By removing and keeping these toxins out of your system, you can potentially avoid cellulite build-up.

- About Women****

4 Pamper Yourself to

A weekly professional massage with an emphasis on your problem skin areas.

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5 Use Only Natural Skin Remedies

Like organic massage oils:

Before you throw in the towel or go under the knife or even purchase some elaborate, synthetic beauty product filled with acids and chemicals, try melting away inches of fat, smoothing fat deposits, and reducing inches by using natural products.

- Weight Loss Articles
Follow our simple strategies, and - don't forget to shop for the best swimming suit for the beach season! :)
Use Only Natural Skin Remedies

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