7 Great Exercises to Tone Your Arms ...


7 Great Exercises to Tone Your Arms ...
7 Great Exercises to Tone Your Arms ...

With our butts, legs, and abs to fuss over, sometimes our arms don’t get the attention they deserve at the gym. But they’re important too, so in case you need them, here’s my list of 7 great exercises to tone your arms! You certainly don’t have to do them all, but try adding two or three to your work-out routine and give your arms a little toning, too!

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Pushups Photo Credit: Cavan Images

My personal trainer once told me that push-ups are quite possibly the perfect exercise. If done properly, they can tone your arms, legs, chest, back, abs, and core. That sounds pretty good to me! The key is to make sure you’re positioned correctly, and that you’re using the right moves. Make sure to keep your body straight (don’t bow at your back or knees) and to stop just above the floor. Try doing three sets of 12, with about 30 seconds between sets.



Rowing Does your gym have a rowing machine? Use it to tone your arms! It’s easy and actually sort of fun. It also feels really, really good, because it stretches our back a little. Make sure you have a staff member at the gym show you the correct way to row, or you could end up missing the entire point of the workout.


Triceps Dips

Who couldn’t use a good tone of their triceps? One great way to tone them is with triceps dips. My gym has an assist machine. They key is to keep your elbows IN, and to NOT lean forward. Try three sets of 12, with 30 seconds in between sets. Use a weight or counterweight that’s comfortable, but not too easy!



Ugh, pull-ups remind me of Phys Ed class in high school. But they’re ideal for toning your arms, so try them anyway! There are several variations, so ask a gym staffer or a personal trainer to show you the best type for you.


BOSU Ball Pushups

BOSU Ball Pushups I won’t lie. These are really, really difficult. But they’re worth it! Place a BOSU ball flat-side down and place your left hand flat on the ball, and your right hand flat on the ground. Bend your knees so you’re kneeling in front of the ball. Dip down, and when you come up, switch your right and left hands, so your left hand is on the ground, and your right hand is on the ball. You’ll need balance to do this, so your core will get a good workout, and your arms sure will, too! Try three sets of 10-12, with about 30 seconds between sets.

A variation of this is to turn the BOSU ball so it’s round-side down, and do a normal pushup. Again, the key here is balance, so you’ll be working your arms and your core!


Single Arm Back Row with Dumbbell

This is another exercise that’s great for toning your arms, but only if you’re doing it right. You’ll need the use of a weight bench and one dumbbell of a comfortable weight (I use 10 pounds). Kneel on the bench with your left leg, and your right leg straight, standing firmly on the ground. Hold the dumbbell in your left hand, then pull it up quickly, and firmly, like you’re trying to start the lawn mower. Clench your arms muscles on the way up. Do three sets of 12, switching between the right and left hands.


Side Arm Raises with Dumbbell

Side Arm Raises with Dumbbell This one KILLS. I don’t think we girls use these muscles very often, so expect to be very, very sore with this one. Hold one light-weight dumbbell in each hand, maybe 8 pounds. Raise your harms at your side, shoulder level (like you’re making a cross), then bring them back down to your sides. Try for three sets of 12, with 30 seconds between sets. See? Not easy!

These exercises will all tone your arms, and you’ll love the way they look! You’ll also love being able to open the pickle or jam jar without anyone’s help. Do you already have any of these exercises in your routine? How do you like them? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: AndreJenny.com

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