7 Great Exercises to Tone Your Arms ...

With our butts, legs, and abs to fuss over, sometimes our arms don’t get the attention they deserve at the gym. But they’re important too, so in case you need them, here’s my list of 7 great exercises to tone your arms! You certainly don’t have to do them all, but try adding two or three to your work-out routine and give your arms a little toning, too!

1. Pushups

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My personal trainer once told me that push-ups are quite possibly the perfect exercise. If done properly, they can tone your arms, legs, chest, back, abs, and core. That sounds pretty good to me! The key is to make sure you’re positioned correctly, and that you’re using the right moves. Make sure to keep your body straight (don’t bow at your back or knees) and to stop just above the floor. Try doing three sets of 12, with about 30 seconds between sets.

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