8 Exercises to Strengthen Your Arms ...


8 Exercises to Strengthen Your Arms ...
8 Exercises to Strengthen Your Arms ...

We use our arms extensively throughout the day, throughout our lives. And yet, we take our arm muscles for granted. It is only when we notice our arms losing their strength that we start thinking about the use and abuse we have put our arm muscles through. Check out these exercises to strengthen your arms before it reaches that stage.

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Self Resisted Curl

This is one of the simplest exercises to strengthen your arms. Just stand straight, letting your right arm hang by your side. Place your left palm against your forward facing right palm and exert pressure on the right palm as you slowly raise it to your chest. Switch sides and repeat.


Horizontal Curl with Dumbbells

Hold dumbbells in each hand and keep both arms straight, parallel to the ground. Bend lower arm to 90 degrees while keeping the upper arm straight. Straighten your arms to original position and repeat.


Sideways Plank Walk

This is also one of the best exercises to strengthen your arms. Start by getting into the plank position (like when you want to do pushups). Your hands should be directly under your shoulders. Now move your right hand 5 inches to the right and your left hand 5 inches to the left. Return to starting position and repeat.


Side Raise with Dumbbells

Stand with your feet hip wide and hold dumbbells in each hand. Your arms should be held loosely at your sides with your palms facing inwards. Now raise your arms slowly until the dumbbells are in a straight line with your shoulders. Repeat from starting position.


Triceps Pushup

Get into the plank pushup position, but keep your knees on the ground and your feet in the air. Your arms should be a straight line with your shoulders. Now, bend your chest forward while keeping your arms close to your side. Repeat from starting position.


Overhead Extension with Dumbbells

Stand straight with feet at hip width and knees bent slightly. Hold dumbbells in each hand and raise your hands straight over your head. Now bend your lower arms from the elbow so that the dumbbells reach the back of your head. Your elbows should be facing the ceiling. Straighten your arms upwards and repeat.


Prone Extension

This is another one of the easy exercises to strengthen your arms. Lie face down with a rolled towel under your forehead with your arms on your sides and palms facing upwards. Raise your arms upwards and keep them in the air for a few seconds at a time. Repeat.


Horizontal Row with Dumbbells

Get on your arms and knees with dumbbells in each hand. Now lift one arm at a time until the dumbbell is in a straight line with your shoulder. Bring back to original position, switch and repeat.

These are extremely easy-to-follow exercises to strengthen your arms. These exercises do not take much effort or time, but if you do them regularly, you will find a great difference in the strength of your arms in a matter of weeks.

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Love the list! My arms are the hardest things for me to work out. Cant seem to get them the way I would like, getting ready to use these exercises!

I'm trying these

I will also be starting with this exercise. I hope I wouild be able to get the dream arms i want so that i could again start wearing my preety sleveless tops

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