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Many of us would like to exercise, but do not have the time or the inclination to join and exercise class. Or perhaps, you cannot find the kind of exercise class you prefer in your vicinity. The best choice for those of you in this predicament is using an exercise DVD to get your regular dose of exercise. Here is a list 8 best exercise DVDs.

1. Fat-burning Kickboxing Workout for Dummies

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If you have never exercised before, this exercise DVD is the best place to start. The instructor on this DVD is Keli Roberts and she really helps you master the basics of exercising. Also, the exercises in this DVD are great if you want to get rid of those extra calories.

2. Intensati Intention and Power: a High Energy Workout for Body, Mind & Soul

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If you are looking for inner peace and calm, this is one of the best exercise DVDs you can get. It combines yoga, martial arts and body sculpting moves as well as a number of chants to exhaust your body and relax your mind.

3. Dance off the Inches: Fat Burning Jam

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If you are the kinds who prefer to burn the calories in a more fun and interesting way than serious exercising, this is the best DVD for you. It will take very little time to learn the dance steps and then shaking your body to the catchy beats.

4. Mark Blanchard's Progressive Power Yoga: the Sedona Experience (set of Five Dvds)

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If you already have a lot of experience practicing yoga, this is the best DVD for you. Marck Blanchard has some really difficult poses that will ensure that your body gets a thorough workout while your mind achieves inner calm.

5. Build up Your Muscles

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If weight lifting is what you want to do, then this is one of the best exercise DVDs for you. There are simple, yet effective weight routines in this DVD and you can decide which one you prefer based on your equipment preference and fitness levels.

6. Tight on Time: Hot Spots with Tamilee Webb

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If you are amongst those of us who are extremely time crunched, this is the right DVD for you. You will get a great full body workout in the shortest possible time.

7. Get Ripped: Slim & Lean with Jari Love

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If body sculpting is your goal, this is the best exercise DVD you can get your hands on. Also, the instructions are very detailed so that you get every move exactly right. There are many different sets of exercises that will give you a great workout.

8. Patrick Goudeau Step up

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This DVD offers one of the easiest ways to burn fat quickly. You don’t need to be an exercise expert to follow the simple steps and lose weight really quickly.

As you can see from the list of 8 best exercise DVDs, no matter what your preference is, you can find a DVD to help you get going. So, stop making excuses and hit the floor!

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