10 Best Cardio Exercises ...

Why is cardio important? The heart is the main organ that keeps us all going and nothing like some good 'ol cardio to keep your heart going. Performing at least 30 minutes of any of the following cardio exercises will greatly improve your heart function and keep it pumping at a healthy pace. If you're new to some of these exercises, be sure to take it easy at first. You can always work up to 30 minutes of exercise later when you are ready!

10. Running

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This is one of the best cardio exercises around and the great thing about it is that there's no special equipment needed. The only thing to remember is to have some good quality running shoes. I have a thick pair for winter and a thin mesh pair for summer, but both have excellent arch support. If you don't have proper arch support, your feet and shins will tell you about it later. Oh, the complaining! Rainy days can be spent on a treadmill, but it's so much more fun to run outside and watch the scenery pass. And if you have never tried running before you need toremember these practical tips.

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