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Practical Tips on How to Start Jogging ...

By Mercy

Before you begin to roll your eyes and think this is just another ‘health’ article, stop for a moment. These tips could mean the difference between a healthy life and an illness-infested existence. You choose! Read on to discover 10 practical tips on jogging.

a. Talk to you doctor first. Only start jogging once you have a ‘go-ahead’ from your doctor. He may do a stress test to check your condition.

b. Begin with power walking. The idea is to gradually bring your fitness level to a point where you can start jogging short distances. Further, before you begin your session do warm-up exercises and stretch around a bit.

c. Get a training ‘buddy’ to keep you motivated and to offer you company and safety! If it’s your spouse, then all the better! It will help you beat the early morning blues.

d. Dress appropriately. Bright clothes are recommended as you will be more visible to cars and other pedestrians. Choose the right footwear so your feet have good support to keep you going.

e. Try different brands especially with regard to footwear. Sometimes your aches and pains could be because of poor shoe constructions. Don’t let that stop you. Change brands and find out what you’re comfortable with.

f. Don’t ignore signs. If your body is crying for you to stop. Then stop. Don’t push your body too much. If you feel any sharp pain, then discuss it with your doctor. It could be a serious injury.

g. After a strenuous jogging session, don’t stop running all of a sudden. Gradually lessen your pace and let your muscles relax as you wind down.

h. Always carry a bottle of water. Take a few sips every now and then to keep your body hydrated.

i. Be consistent. Don’t just jog once a month, prepare your body for 3 sessions every week of about 30 minutes each. Stick to the schedule that you have prepared in consultation with your trainer.

j. Enjoy it. Don’t look at jogging as a chore that you have to do. Look forward to your session as something therapeutic and relaxing.
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