8 Helpful Jogging Tips for Beginners ...


8 Helpful Jogging Tips for Beginners ...
8 Helpful Jogging Tips for Beginners ...

Jogging is a great physical activity that does not require athleticism or expensive equipment. It's a fantastic cardio workout, too! To help you get started, here are some jogging tips for beginners that can make the exercise fun and beneficial.

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Be Aware of Any Physical Problems

Be Aware of Any Physical Problems Photo Credit: dvchrty99206

I know this tip is old because a lot of jogging tips for beginners start with this. However, it is really important to know the body you are working with. Consult a doctor to find out if you have any physical condition that might endanger you or hamper your progress. If you are overweight, you need to be aware of the impact on your knees and feet. If you have cardiovascular or respiratory problems, find out how to address them.


Wear a Sports Bra

Wear a Sports Bra Photo Credit: ~*~...nicole...~*~

Aside from comfortable clothes, socks, and proper running shoes, women also need to wear a sports bra. A well-fitting bra will support your breasts and minimize discomfort and sagging. There are different types of sports bras so it is best to test them before buying. You can run in place or perform jumping jacks in the fitting room to test the bra’s support.


Make Food Your Friend

Make Food Your Friend Photo Credit: yoshiko314

This is one of the most important jogging tips for beginners. If you want to make progress with exercise, you need to properly fuel your body. Don’t be afraid of carbohydrates. The food you eat today is your fuel for your jog tomorrow or even for your jog in 2-3 days' time. Just make sure not to overeat.


Drink Lots of Fluids

Drink Lots of Fluids Photo Credit: Pink Sherbet Photography

Together with fueling your body, you also need to increase your fluid intake. This is very important during hot or humid days. Drink water before, during, and after jogging. If you sweat a lot, you most likely have lost sodium and electrolytes. To replenish these, have a sports drink that you like.


Proper Warm up and Cool down

Proper Warm up and Cool down Photo Credit: PhotoAmateur1

Warming up is important to prepare your muscles for your jog. Walk briskly for 5-10 minutes. When your muscles are warm, do some stretching; just don’t overstretch. After your jog, gradually slow down. Do 5-10 minutes of cooling down. You can also stretch the muscles deeper now because they are loose from the jog. Stretching after a jog helps prevent soreness the next day. And don't ever, EVER, strecth "cold" muscles!


The Right Jogging Form

The Right Jogging Form Photo Credit: JoshMcCulloch.com

When giving jogging tips for beginners, people sometimes forget the right form. When jogging, keep a straight back. Place your elbows adjacent to your waist and keep them at a 90 degree angle. Swing your arms back and forth. Don’t swing side to side, going across your chest, because it is a waste of energy. Keep your feet placement straight. You must remember not to bounce because it is also a waste of energy and it tires you out faster.


The Best Time to Jog

The Best Time to Jog Photo Credit: Cathérine

The best time to jog depends on when it is most convenient for you. Exercising during mornings, late afternoons, or evenings give you the benefit of cooler weather. But if there is no other time, you can also go for a mid-day jog, weather permitting. If you have eaten, wait for 2-3 hours before jogging. Jogging on a full stomach sometimes causes discomfort in the form of a side stitch.


Safety First

Safety First Photo Credit: ldminteractive

As with anything you do, always make safety your first concern. Tell a loved one your route and when you plan to come home. Bring your mobile phone and an ID. Jog in areas that are populated. If you jog at night, do so in well-lit areas. Also, don’t forget to wear a blinker or reflector. When jogging on city roads, it is advisable to run against traffic or on the sidewalk. Try not to run with music blaring in your ears; keep the volume down.

Jogging is a great exercise to lose weight, be healthy, and be happy. Through these jogging tips for beginners, I hope you will be encouraged to try out the activity. Don’t push yourself too hard because you want to keep up this exercise for many years to come. Do you jog? If so, do you have any other tips to share with newbies?

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