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8 Tips on Improving Your Photography Skills ...

By Aprille

It’s time to break out the camera and get to taking pictures. Picture taking is always fun for me, because I like to capture all the moments that are funny and leave a memory of that time in a still framed picture. I’m going to go over some Tips on improving your Photography Skills...

8 Improve the Camera

Improve the CameraPhoto Credit: Earl - What I Saw 2.0

I notice there is a big difference between good camera pictures and not so good camera pictures. You lack the light and the mega pixels that make the picture perfect. It’s time to get a digital camera worth buying. You should always go for a camera that has good lighting and quick shots for fast picture snapping.

7 Get Digital

Get DigitalPhoto Credit: Capt Kodak

Digital cameras are the new feature and take faster pictures. They also help you take more pictures. All you need is a computer to download the pictures onto. Digital cameras also have memory expansions that allow extra room for pictures.

6 Environment

EnvironmentPhoto Credit: alexsk

To get a better picture, you need a good environment. This means making sure you take a picture in the right weather. You can get an awesome picture of rain droplets if you take pictures in the rain. You also should consider a sunny day for a good picture day.

5 Background

BackgroundPhoto Credit: Krikit ♥

The background is what also makes the picture perfect, you should consider taking a picture in the woods or near something historical. Another good background is the outdoors. You can take a picture of your friend or family in the background of the beach or the mountains.

4 Have the Picture Person Ready

Have the Picture Person ReadyPhoto Credit: eklektick

Don’t take pictures of people that aren’t ready for picture taking. You can get horrible pictures this way and end up breaking your camera… I’m only joking about the horrible part, but you will get a picture that might not look as you planned.

3 Learn Your Camera

Learn Your CameraPhoto Credit: laurasmoncur

Most digital cameras have tons of different settings and plenty of new helpful features that could make the picture perfect. You can take a good picture if you know how exactly your camera works.

2 Digital Zoom

Digital ZoomPhoto Credit: bcostin

Get a camera that has good digital zoom. The zoom and focus of the picture is very important for a perfect picture. The lens must be sparkling clean and be able to zoom to the right image for you.

1 Lighting

LightingPhoto Credit: tomatosoup74

The room and the lighting is a very important part to taking a good picture. You need to avoid dark rooms to make sure you don’t have too much flash. Pictures in the dark never come out good; they always have too much flash and cause weird reflecting. When you take a picture, you should consider extra lighting and taking the picture in the day.

When it comes to trying to get the best picture, you will mess up a few times to get the camera adjusted to the lighting and the look of the background. Professionals pay thousands of dollars to get the right camera equipment and have tons of practice. Do you like taking pictures of your kids and family?

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