7 Tips on Playing Final Fantasy 7 ...

One of the most favorite final fantasy series to hit 3d models and high intense graphics for its time is final fantasy 7. It hit the stores for the playstation one in 1997 and shortly after the pc in 1998. I’m sure if you not a gamer, then you don’t understand the full extend of the whole series. Of course the series never kept the same story and that’s what made it a perfect hit today. This is my opinion of course. I made this blog for you gamers looking for 7 Tips on Playing Final Fantasy 7…

7. Level

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Of course with most final fantasy games you need to level to defeat certain monsters and boss fights. I never had troubles in this game personally, because I liked to level. You should also try to learn new limit breaks. To do this, you have to allow the enemies to hit you in order for your limit bar to go up. Of course you have to heal and use potions to heal yourself. Leveling is quite easy at any part of the game. However, in the first part of Midgar you are constantly moving, so it’s hard to do.

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