6 Tips for a Successful Facebook Hiatus ...

Let's face it, Facebook is a time-suck. I'm not complaining, I can spend all day on Facebook. But when you really think about it, Crackbook, er...Facebook will not help you finish the laundry, that project, or dinner. Then you have the games...Don't get me started on the games. So if you find yourself on Facebook all day and even when you're out and about using your mobile phone, perhaps it's time for a hiatus. This is what we call social networking rehab. And for a successful rehab stint, here are things that can help you.

1. Do Not Announce

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I do not recommend posting on your wall that you are on a Facebook hiatus. If you happen to have a very active wall, chances are your friends will comment on your status message, thereby starting another "forum-like" insanity. You will get email updates and you will be tempted to reply to the comments. The moment you click the link leading to the comments, you break your hiatus. Start your hiatus without announcing it to all your Facebook friends. Those who need you will simply send an SMS or an email.

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