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8 Tips for a Perfect First Kiss ...

By Cherith

One of the most sweet and romantic parts of young love (and old love) is the kiss - THE kiss - the one that is remembered above all other kisses for the rest of your life. How do you make that first kiss so special? Read on and see!

Table of contents:

  1. save the date
  2. be picky
  3. be comfortable
  4. make sure you brushed your teeth!
  5. go slow
  6. don't forget to touch
  7. watch the time
  8. realize that nobody is perfect

1 Save the Date

From the time I was born, it seems, I have been taught that it is good to save kissing and any other physical pleasures with the opposite sex for marriage. Think of how special it would be for your very first kiss to be with the man you had just pledged your heart to for the rest of your lives! My cousin done this, and she says that there is nothing so wonderful as having waited to be married to kiss!

2 Be Picky

I understand that not everyone will have the same beliefs as I and my family do about waiting until marriage, so if you feel you must kiss before marriage, I hold nothing against you. However, I do beg you to be selective on who you choose to give that first kiss to. Giving away a first kiss is much like giving away your virginity - once it's been done, there's no going back. So please, choose wisely!

3 Be Comfortable

Just relax and be yourself! If you can't be yourself with the person you're going to kiss, it's probably not a good idea to kiss them!

4 Make Sure You Brushed Your Teeth!

Don't want a little stinky breath to ruin the moment, do you? Those little colgate wisps are great to have with you for an un-planned occasion! Pull one out, brush up, and pucker up!

5 Go Slow

Don't get too hasty and miss the romance and sweetness of this occasion! Take your time, breathe and soak in the moment.

6 Don't Forget to Touch

There is nothing more funny than to see two people attempting a kiss without a single touch! You can't worry about personal space invasion when kissing - it's an invasive process! Get close and personal, and you're on your way to a great kiss!

7 Watch the Time

You don't want the first kiss to be too long and messy, but you don't want it too short and hasty either. I read where some described their first kiss as a slow motion movie. A few seconds of action stretched out nice and slow is the way to go!

8 Realize That Nobody is Perfect

Good kissing is something that has to be developed over time and lots of practice! So don't run yourself over if your first kiss isn't perfect. And don't worry about it not being perfect before you've even kissed! Chances are, the person you're going to share that first kiss with is just as scared and nervous as you are. So, find a quiet place, and let the kissing begin!

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