7 Tips on Kissing Patiently ...


7 Tips on Kissing Patiently ...
7 Tips on Kissing Patiently ...

A first kiss is usually awkward and a lot yuckier than anybody would expect, which is why it's important to learn some tips on kissing patiently. I remember my first kiss…ugh… I swore I’d never kiss anybody again. LOL! That guy definitely needed some tips on kissing both patiently and passionately! Being an experienced kisser doesn’t mean you don’t need any tips on kissing patiently either, as you never know how rough or soft your new partner might like to be kissed. So here’s what I have to say about all this:

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Relax Your Lips

It’s quite normal to be nervous but have this in mind – you’re not at the dentist’s office so there is no need to press your lips tightly together. Relax and let him make the first move and, if he is at least a bit smarter than my first boyfriend, he’ll know what to do. The first kiss with a new boyfriend/girlfriend is always an adventure so don’t think about your previous kissing experiences but try to relax and enjoy the moment. However, do remember that relaxing is probably the best tip on kissing patiently.


Be Gentle

The best kiss happens when both kissing parties (hah, this sounds like a contract) take it slow and kind of “go with the flow.” Every time you’re about to kiss a new person, you basically have to start from scratch and that’s what makes it interesting. So, no biting or violent tongue action just yet! Be gentle, don’t try to dominate the kiss and just relax and have fun exploring.


Don’t Drool

One of the most crucial tips on kissing patiently! Sexy kissing does presume an exchange of a certain amount of bodily fluids but it sure doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to keep something for yourself, too. Both guys and girls really need work on their multitasking skills because it is possible to kiss and swallow your excess spit (pardon my French) at the same time!


Control Yourself

Guys have this incredible urge to grab you by the neck and demonstrate everything they’ve learned while watching those almost-violent, semi-animalistic kissing scenes shot to keep the audience entertained until the next car explodes. And, although a little hard-loving may be sexy from time to time, it sure doesn’t make a good first kiss. Maybe some girls do this too… I really wouldn’t know. What I do know is that I don’t like to feel like a scared little hamburger that’s about to get devoured.


Use Your Hands

A passionate, memorable kiss involves the whole body, not just the lips, so feel free to wrap your hands around your partner’s neck or waist. This will make the situation less awkward and help both of you relax. Now, guys, just to make things clear – this should feel less like groping and more like an intimate, romantic moment. Don’t squeeze your girl too tight but leave her enough space to react if you “lose your head” and, slow down when you notice she’s not feeling comfortable anymore.


One Step at a Time

Small sexy bites are always a good way to spice things up, so before you switch to turbo mode give him or her enough time to adapt to the situation. If your partner returns the bite or in any other way shows he/she likes it, you can speed things up, if not, you might want to stick to gentle kisses. Don’t get disappointed because that doesn’t mean you’ll never get to kiss him/her the way you want– some people just need more time to relax, that’s just it.


Don’t Expect Too Much

The last one of my tips on kissing patiently would be to get used to the fact that a kiss doesn’t have to turn into something more. Even the hottest, most intense kiss can end right then and there and, although it sometimes feels a bit unfair, that’s just the way it is. You have to be respectful of each other.

But don’t think these tips on kissing patiently are for guys only! I’ve never kissed a girl but I’m sure some females are impatient kissers as well because those guys had to learn it from somebody! But, tell me ladies, what do you thing about impatient kissers and those, in my opinion, scary, “I’ll eat half of your face” kisses?

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