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How to Pierce Your Ears Safely and Painlessly as Possible ...

By Brandon

Maybe you never got your ears pierced. Maybe they used to be pierced and for some reason closed up. If you are looking to get your ears pierced you’re at the right place. Whether you want to do it yourself or get it professionally done here are some helpful tips for getting your ears pierced as safely and painlessly as possible.

1 Ask the Pro’s

If you want it done by a professional, consider going to a tattoo parlor. While the cost can vary from place to place, their method is clean, safe, and sanitary. Considering they pierce all kinds of parts all day long, its safe to say that your ears are in good hands.

2 Doctor Doctor

Believe it or not, your family practitioner or pediatrician can recommend a plastic surgeon to pierce your ears. Since ear piercing is an elective cosmetic procedure, a plastic surgeon is also properly equipped to handle your lobes, and you get the added benefit of follow up care should any complications like a keloid (excess scar tissue from an ear piercing) crop up.

3 A Word to the Wise

These are the ONLY people you should consult if you are trying to get any of the cartilage in your ear pierced. Your local tattoo parlor piercer or plastic surgeon is specially trained to avoid certain areas that surround nerves in your ear that could become permanently damaged if improperly done.

4 The Way of the Gun

NEVER go to a place that uses a piercing gun to pierce your ears. This may be a common practice among some jewelry stores like Claire’s and Piercing Pagoda but this should be avoided at all costs. Although they are wiped down thoroughly with alcohol between each use, there is no way to completely sanitize a piercing gun. This could lead to your newly pierced ear becoming infected since all kinds of bacteria from dead skin cells are trapped inside. Avoid this at all costs!

5 For the do It Yourselfer in You

Your first option for self piercing is actually available at your local beauty supply store. There are these great little one time use self piercing earrings. They come in sets of two and are each sealed and sterilized in a loaded spring puncher. Add a little ice to numb the area and you’ll have two new piercings in no time! They also come in a variety of styles and are relatively cheap (I bought mine at Sally’s for 8 bucks!) as opposed to going to a tattoo parlor. These pin in the earrings also have a wider gauge than your average earring so that when they heal they heal just the right size.

6 Mama Knows Best

Your second option for piercing your ears is the old school way, the way your mother probably got her ears pierced. You will need: a sewing needle (It’s wider and sharper than most other needles), some rubbing alcohol, a candle, a marking pen (any fine tip marker will do), ice, and a starter earring. These usually have a pointed pin rather than a rounded one like most other earrings and are also wider in gauge. Put the ice to your ear for a few minutes. Light the candle and hold the sewing needle over the flame for about 10 seconds. Take it off the flame and wipe it down with the alcohol. Make sure you don’t touch the tip of the needle after this point since your needle is now sterilized. Wipe your ear with the alcohol and mark your ears with the marking pen making sure both ears are even. Use the needle to pierce your ear where you marked it. Take the needle out and replace it with your earring. Repeat this whole process with the other ear. Keep your starter earring in you new hole for a minimum of six weeks to allow them to heal properly and enjoy your new piercing!

7 Other Odds and Ends

Some people choose to use a little Bactine on their ear to sanitize the area. Others use a little Oragel instead of ice to numb the area before they wipe it down with alcohol. Some even leave the sewing needle in their ears for a few minutes before replacing it with the earring.

Whichever method you choose to pierce your ears, whether they be by a pro of your own hand, you can be sure that your piercings are going to be quick, easy, and relatively pain free.

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