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7 Tips if You're Tempted to Cheat ...

By Alison

I daresay that few of us would ever think that we would be tempted to cheat on a partner. Personally, it’s a subject that I feel so strongly about that I can’t ever imagine being in that position. Still, for many reasons people can find themselves looking for something that they feel is missing in their relationship. So, if you ever feel temptation calling, here are some tips to help you resist …

1 Lot to Lose

Ask yourself if your life with your partner is really that bad. In fact, the chances are that by cheating you would actually lose a lot. The emotional, practical and financial repercussions could be enormous, both for the two of you and for those around you.

2 Grass is Not Greener

People may cheat because they think that the third party can offer them something that their partner can’t, be it excitement or physical fulfilment. The problem is that they then discover that they don’t feel better. Yes, the grass is not greener on the other side, and it can be a terrible mistake to look to someone else for what you feel is missing.


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3 Fix First

Try to sort out what is ‘wrong’ in your relationship first before giving up on it, which is effectively what cheating is. You’ve chosen to be with this person, so you owe it to them to try to make it work. Look at what you can both do to give your relationship a boost.

4 Realistic

Let’s face it, relationships can seem stale after a while. Look at it this way, though – if we stayed in that heady mindset of the early days, we’d probably implode! Relationships have to mature and develop, so don’t go chasing that elusive high with someone else.

5 Back to Square One

So you find someone who feels exciting and brings that sense of exhiliration to your life. But what happens when that feeling wears off? It can’t last forever, so are you then going to look for another illicit affair? If anything, you may end up feeling worse than ever.

6 Dishonest

Now, let’s be blunt. Cheating on someone is a horrible thing to do. Whether they find out or not, it’s just plain wrong, and nobody deserves it. If you’re really that unhappy, either get yourself some counselling or get out of the relationship. It’s no way to treat anyone.

7 Expiry Date?

Finally, feeling tempted by another person may mean that your existing relationship has simply run its course. So ask yourself some hard questions about it. Do you see any future for the two of you? Sometimes it’s not meant to last, and it may be better to move on.

Cheating can really mess up people’s lives, especially the innocent parties, and many of us have been on the receiving end of someone else’s infidelity. Did you find yourself cheating, even though you never thought you would, and how did it turn out – or were you cheated on?

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