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Really, if it were up to me, I would sum this post on 8 tips to stop cheating on your partner as “just stop.” It really isn’t hard to do. That is, if you really care about your partner. If you can’t seem to stop, then break free of your partner, because obviously, if you can’t stop, then you do not care so much about his or her feelings. However, I need to come up with 8 tips to stop cheating on your partner. I have never cheated on my husband and never will. So, I’m not coming from experience on this on this one. Okay, let’s see what I have to say …

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Start Feeling That You Are Appreciated

Start Feeling That You Are Appreciated Photo Credit: Little L*tje

A big reasons as to why people cheat on their partner is because they feel that they are not appreciated. Therefore, they go and try to find the appreciation that they think they deserve. If you start to feel unappreciated, then you should let your partner know about it.


Stay Away from Things That Could Cause You to Cheat

Stay Away from Things That Could Cause You to Cheat Photo Credit: pintavelloso

Going to a club could cause you to cheat. Going to parties could cause you to cheat. So, what do you do about this? Well, if you have a cheating problem, then it would be obvious to stay clear of these things.


How Would You Feel if It Were You

How Would You Feel if It Were You Photo Credit: B Tal

If your partner cheated on you, how would you feel? Sit down and think about this one for a second. Wouldn’t you feel sad? Feel worthless? Then, if you care about your partner, you should realize that is how he or she feels every second you cheat.


Don’t Talk to Your Ex

Don’t Talk to Your Ex Photo Credit: MINT ICETEA

If you feel that you could cheat with your ex, then don’t talk to them. It would be best if you just let sleeping dogs sleep and leave things alone. Don’t go e-mailing, texting, calling and stirring up feelings from the past. This could only lead to a disaster.


Remember Your Partner Loves You

Remember Your Partner Loves You Photo Credit: Farl

It would be a good idea to always keep this in mind. When you feel that “urge” coming on, remember that your partner cares about you. Your partner loves you and if you care back, then you wouldn’t do this to them.


Spend More Time with Your Partner

Spend More Time with Your Partner Photo Credit: alessandroparisi52

Perhaps, what you need to do is spend more time with your partner. When you spend time with them, do special things together. Make special memories. Sometimes, this is all it takes.


Just do It

Just do It Photo Credit: Ronaldo F Cabuhat

Stop sitting there and waiting for the right moment to stop this problem. Just do it. Don’t tell yourself that you will stop tomorrow. Tomorrow never seems to get here. So, if you’re reading this blog and you are cheating, then just stop it right now. Toss the numbers in the trash, delete them and do what you have to do.


Consult a Therapist

Consult a Therapist Photo Credit: Le Fromagier Extraordinaire

If all else fails and you cannot seem to stop cheating, then you may need help. Speak to a therapist. Cheating is like an addiction to some people, they just can’t stop doing it.

There you have 8 tips to stop cheating on your partner. I think this blog went better than I expected it to go. Again, I have no experience with this subject, so, do you agree with me? Which tip is your favorite one?

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That's true about the partner feeling unappreciated, my boyfriend cheated on me because he felt unappreciated. I think it's also the ego they feel like the need to prove something to themselves.

My wife dreaming of other guys wouldn't bother me. I got this attitude after watching "Mighty Aphrodite". As you may recall, Mira Sorvino plays a porn star. In the end (of the movie), she marries a pilot who is "not repressed" and they laugh together about her porn star days. Basically, as long as my wife and I are together, I enjoy the companionship. I can't control her sexual feelings so I'm not going to worry about it. By the wayside, is this "all women's talk" or "all women stalk"?

Cheating is a very hard habit to stop, so this isa good article.

I cheat my husband everynight in my dreams by spending time with Hollywood guys. So I think i need a therapist.........but I really dont want to get rid of it ;)

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