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7 Mistakes Couples Sometimes Make ...

By Melanie

Couples make mistakes from time to time – we’re only human, so this is expected. Not one of us in this world has not made a mistake or two. I am going to give you 7 mistakes couples sometimes make …

7 Planning the Wedding and Not the Marriage

Couples tend to make the mistake of planning their wedding and putting too much focus on their wedding. They don’t put much focus on the actual marriage. If you are planning a wedding, be sure to look past that wedding day and into your marriage.

6 Withholding Information

Sure, I believe in having privacy, but withholding information is no good. This is one of the common mistakes that couples make.


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5 Letting Yourself Go

I know, you are married now. You have found the love of your life, but this is not a reason to let yourself go! I know, you do not have anyone to look good for and your partner should love you for who you are. This is a common mistake that couples make.

4 Becoming Obsessed with Having a Baby

Oh goodness, how many movies out there show couples that are obsessed with having babies? This is definitely a common mistake. If it is meant to be, then it is going to happen. Stop making sex look like it is a job.

3 Not Having Enough Sex

Yes, you are very busy … a lot. But that is not a good enough excuse not to get busy with your partner! Even if you do not feel like it, initiate sex. Surely, you will enjoy it.

2 Turning Away from Your Friends

When couples get married, they have a tendency to turn away from their friends. If you have made this mistake, don’t worry, because many couples make this mistake. Then, they wish that they never did it, because they no longer have anyone to talk to outside of marriage.

1 Cheating

I know that this is an obvious mistake, but I just had to put it as number 1. This is a mistake that couples make from time to time. Then, they go and say that it just happened. I’m sorry, but cheating on your partner is not something that just happened. You shouldn’t even be in that position in the first place. Then, when they find out their partner cheated on them, they go out and do the same thing. I know, it hurts, but this doesn’t give YOU the right to cheat – you need to be the better person. I could write an entire blog on this topic, but some probably wouldn’t like my opinion on this topic, but many of you would.

That is 7 mistakes couples sometimes make. If you make these mistakes in your relationship, it’s okay, because mistakes happen. Together, the two of you can get over these mistakes. Do you have any other common mistakes that you would like to point out?

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