10 Ways to save a Failing Marriage ...


10 Ways to save a Failing Marriage ...
10 Ways to save a Failing Marriage ...

Every marriage goes through periods of highs and lows. It just the natural progression of things to have times when it is hot and spicy and other times when things are bland and boring. The key is to learn to keep things in balance and find ways to keep things exciting before your relationship disintegrates completely. If you have found yourself drifting apart from your spouse, try these 10 ways to save a failing marriage.

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Start Talking

One of the main reasons couples find themselves drifting apart is the lack of communication. Even on the busiest days, you need to take time to talk and connect verbally. Talk about your day, your dreams, your plans, or just the weather. Just start talking!


Go on Regular Dates

Set a weekly date night and make it a priority. Don’t break the date unless it is a real emergency. This shows that your spouse is important and that you value the time you have with him.


Hold Hands

Do you remember the times when you held hands as a young dating couple? Reignite some of that young romance by locking fingers while you watch TV, go for a walk, or sit on the front porch.


Find a New Hobby

If you have gotten into a marital rut, one of the easiest ways to spice things up is to find a new hobby that you can share. Take a pottery class, try painting, or start playing golf. Just do it together.


See a Counselor

Sometimes when issues have been deeply rooted for a long time, it takes a third party to mediate and help you work things out. Don’t be afraid to seek help from a marriage counselor when things get rocky at home.


Give a Compliment

One of the simplest ways to remind your husband of your love is through words of affirmation. Take the time to compliment him on how he looks, how strong he is, and on what a great guy he has been over the years. If you have trouble thinking of something nice to say, sit down and make a list of all the things you admire about him. Then read it to him!


Serve Each Other

Small acts of service go a long way in making your marriage stronger. Look for everyday opportunities to serve your man by pouring him a glass of cold water after he has been working in the yard or cooking his favorite meal when he had a bad day at the office.


Write a Letter

If you have a hard time expressing your love to him verbally, try writing a letter. Tell him all the things you love about him or share about your favorite memory of your time together.


Remember Why You Fell in Love

Sometimes you need to reflect on why you fell in love in the first place. What were the qualities that first attracted to you to your man? Dwell on those things instead of the things he does wrong.


Get Physical

Every marriage needs some spice in the bedroom so if you have been neglecting your man in this department, it’s time to make a change. Even if you are tired or don’t feel like it, please your man in the bedroom and watch your marriage improve as he feels desired.

No matter what condition your marriage is in, you can make strides towards improving it by following these 10 ways to save a failing marriage. What do you do to keep the romance flowing with your man?

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Start early.

The Love Dare is a great book to read with your spouse. My husband and I have commited to doing it. We are on day 15 and already see each other in a new light! Really brings you closer if you are serious about it

Also, live your life in God!

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