8 Habits That May Harm Your Relationship ...


8 Habits That May Harm Your Relationship ...
8 Habits That May Harm Your Relationship ...

Relationships have their problems, that is true. But for some, bad habits can be the "ants in the sugar" so to speak. Do you have relationship-hurting habits? Read on to find out!

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Yep, I had to go there! Who wants to live with a nagger? Men and women can nag their partner to the point of suicide if they're not careful! If you have a spouse that seems a bit forgetful, try alternative ways of reminding, like leaving post-it notes on the areas needing attending.


Being Too Independent

I know it's not "popular" to be dependent in a relationship. Women have gone all self-sufficient these days. Both people in a relationship need to be needed by each. We need to rely on one another as we live our lives. If you constantly push your spouse away with that attitude of "I can do it myself" your spouse will grow tired of feeling useless and will leave.



Who cares whose fault it is? As much as we would love to always blame it on the hubby, it wouldn't hurt to take the blame sometimes, or at least let the blame go un-announced. Leave the blame-game on the playground and accept your spouse's mistakes as just that - mistakes. Nobody is perfect.


Always Having to Have Your Way

This is one of my problem areas. I tend to have the better ideas so naturally I want things my way. Sound familiar? What matters most is not whose idea is better, but rather equality in decisions around the house. The scales should always be balanced between you and your spouse.


Giving Directions

Every now and then, it's ok to just let that hardheaded man figure out how to put the baby bed on his own. As much as he probably needs the instruction, you should let your man feel like a man and work it out on his own. That is, unless he asks you for help...or takes over 48 hours. Then, step in and show him how we women get it done!


Letting Yourself Go

Just because you've been married several years doesn't mean that he no longer cares what you look like. Whether you've been married 6 months or 10 years, you should always have the desire to keep yourself looking nice for that man you love! At the very least, run a brush through your hair and dress rather than looking like you just crawled out of bed!


Not Listening

Men are tough, that's true, but they have feelings too. Sometimes, we women forget that our guys need a listening ear as well. Keep your eyes open for signs that he may need to talk, and truly listen to him. Who knows? You might learn something useful!

Relationships are a fragile work of art. One wrong move too many, and they're broken beyond repair. Please do all you can to keep your relationship strong and healthy! There are far too many relationships being broken beyond repair. Is there something that I missed that could be harming your relationship?

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All these are true.. I've been in a long relationship and it ended because of not just one party but both

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