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There are lots of things that can really put a damper on your dating life. There are lots of mistakes you can make and lots of things that can go wrong. You aren't necessarily doing it on purpose, not at all, but well, some habits can really reflect on your personal life. Some are small, some are large, but they may still have some surprising effects. To keep away from that possibility, check out some of the bad habits that can ruin your love life, and see if you're guilty of any of them.

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Being an Eager-Beaver

Being an Eager-Beaver Photo Credit: nagyniki

Eagerness is definitely a bad habit that can ruin your love life. Yeah, you need to let a guy or girl know you're interested, but that doesn't mean that you should throw yourself at your prospective partner. For the most part, that's a huge turn off. It can make the other person afraid that you're going to move too fast.


Creeping Online

Creeping Online Photo Credit: katizabitwhite

Everybody creeps. I cop to doing it myself – not to anyone I'm interested in, but to people I used to know. However, for a lot of people, online stalking is a huge warning sign. It's one thing to Google a prospective partner to make sure she or he isn't, you know, a paroled serial killer or something, but immediately friending them on Facebook, tracking all their movements, and so on, is just bad business all around.


The Queen of Denial

The Queen of Denial Photo Credit: Nathan 2009

Living in denial is another bad habit that can ruin your love life. A lot of people – men and women, kings and queens of denial – will deny the fact that they're in a rut with their dating. It's commonplace, but it's still a really bad habit. In fact, when you think you might be in a rut, you need to take a look at your dating habits, and see what you're doing wrong.



Waiting Photo Credit: datingsecretsformen.com

Waiting around is never a good idea. You don't want to spend all your time waiting for a new guy or girl to call you. You don't want to wait around trying to wait for the perfect person to fall into your lap, either. You have to be proactive – without seeming too eager. Yeah, it's a fine line and it takes a lot of balance, but it can be done – I promise.


High Standards

High Standards Photo Credit: sororityfashion.com
Some of us have standards that are way too high. The Better Half has a friend – perfectly charming, financially stable, cute as a button, great manners, wonderful sense of humor – who cannot get a date to save his life. Why? Because he all but refuses to go out with a girl who isn't tall, model thin, blond, smart, and gorgeous. Basically, no lie, he wants to date Quinn Fabray, only legal. And he wonders why he's still single – and can never seem to get a second date...


Being Emotionally Blind

Being Emotionally Blind Photo Credit: Myra Sama

If you are emotionally blind, this is definitely a bad habit that can ruin your love life in a big way. What typically happens is that you are caught up in the whirlwind of excitement that comes with a new romance, and you forget about the things you really need. All that newness clouds your judgment, and you're tempted to think it's okay to date this guy who doesn't ever want to get married or have children, when that's always been your dream, or who wants his eventual wife to stay at home, when you actually love your career. Don't settle like this, because in the long run, you'll be terribly unhappy.



Clinging Photo Credit: candydiaries.com

Finally, clinging is a really, really bad habit. I've never met a man or a woman who digs this is a potential partner. When you cling to someone else, the message you're sending them is that you're codependent and can't stand on your own two feet. That's usually not the case, so rather than putting that out there, try to adjust the behavior that makes you cling in the first place. It often comes down to insecurity on your part.

I'm sure there are more bad habits that can ruin your love life, but these are the most common ones. It's hard to imagine that such small things can have such big impacts. Can you think of any other bad habits that can have a negative effect on your love life?

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All good points (though perhaps Eager-Beavering and Clinging are kissing cousins) - isn't it funny that most of us could avoid our bad dating/single behavior if, when single, we could just harness the confidence we have when we're in a relationship.

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